Best Toronto Immigration Lawyer For Common-Law Partner Sponsorship Applications

Nov 24, 2022

If you think shorts and a parka make the perfect outfit, you’re already part Canadian! Make it official with Ivan Steele Law (647.342.0568), Toronto’s best immigration lawyer!

Best Toronto Immigration Lawyer For Common-Law Partner Sponsorship Applications

A few years ago I decided to migrate to Sweden, so I looked up "US to Sweden immigration agency" and sure enough Google delivered. I contacted a few of the top results and eventually decided to work with a Swedish agency sponsored by IKEA.

Interestingly, no one cared to mention I'd have to assemble my own application.

Ok, I can hear you groaning at my bad jokes - but do bear with me, as I do provide more than mediocre entertainment.

While my migration to Sweden didn't quite work out as planned, my relocation to Canada went off without a hitch! And here's how: I hired an immigration lawyer!

If you're planning on migrating to Canada or want to bring your wife, husband, or common-law partner to the Great White North, I recommend you hire a lawyer too.

Ivan Steele, who specializes in family, gay and lesbian, and immigration law, offers consultations and legal support to couples applying for spousal sponsorship visas.

Check him out at

Did you know that the number of people immigrating to Canada through spousal sponsorship is set to reach an all-time high in 2022, with a projected 8.2% increase over 2021? That's official info from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Yet, despite the growing number of applicants, the IRCC is processing these applications faster than ever thanks to the new online application system.

If you need any assistance navigating the new process, Ivan Steele offers legal guidance for both inland and outland sponsorship applications. While the recent changes to the application process had no effect on the eligibility criteria for permanent residence, it's still best to consult a lawyer to make sure you don't mess up your application by missing something obvious (or less obvious!).

Both spouse and common-law partner sponsorship applications can be made. Once submitted to the IRCC, your application will be reviewed to assess whether your relationship is real and whether the marriage was entered into with the primary goal of obtaining Canadian permanent residence. As this evaluation requires the submission of evidentiary documents, and, at times, even legal submissions, Ivan Steele can help you and your partner present your relationship in a way that meets and exceeds the spousal sponsorship legal criteria. Yes, you will need to present your relationship in the best possible light - and Ivan Steele has enough experience with these cases to know how to do exactly that!

He takes a strategic approach to ensure all evidence, legal submissions, and application documents are submitted without errors to minimize the chances of denial and delays.

About Ivan Steele Law

Based in Toronto, the practice provides legal assistance for several Canadian immigration programs, including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, and Express Entry. With the recent opening of his law office in Puerto Vallarta, Ivan Steele became the first lawyer to offer Canadian legal services to the growing Canadian ex-pat community in Mexico. So, if you fell in love in the Mexican paradise and want to bring your partner over to Canada, you can get the legal advice and services you need right there in Mexico.

"When you work with Ivan Steele, you will work with a Canadian lawyer who is focused more on building warm, lasting relationships than in clearing cases from the dockets," said a spokesperson. "He understands that the immigration process is emotionally trying, mentally draining, and even physically tiring, which is why he does everything in his power to ensure that your case moves forward as seamlessly as possible," they added.

Don't go on a wild moose chase with your spousal sponsorship application - contact Ivan Steele and get it all sorted the right way the first time around!

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