Best Streaming Playlist Submission Service 2022 – Get Your Song On Spotify Lists

Apr 2, 2022

Having trouble getting your songs heard? All you need is to get your music playing in the right ears, and that’s easy with Playlist Plugger. Reach thousands of new people in no time with their professional playlist curation submissions.

Best Streaming Playlist Submission Service 2022 - Get Your Song On Spotify Lists

Did you know Mozart absolutely hated chickens?

They're always running around, screaming, "Bach! Bach!"

Okay, okay, I know that's an old joke, about old musicians, but I wanted to start off with a classic, before talking about something new - a way to get your songs heard by thousands of new people, with almost no effort.

Playlist Plugger submits your songs to Spotify playlist curators and gets them placed on 3 to 5 leading playlists. The Basic plan is ideal for independent and new artists, and the company also has advanced plans for experienced artists, as well as professional music labels.

Visit to learn more about the Basic Plan, and how it can get your music heard.

With the Basic plan, Playlist Plugger offers you a chance to have your songs streamed approximately 5,000 times through organic playlist listens. The company only pitches to known playlist curators with active listeners and has a strict “no bot” policy.

As the leading trusted source on the internet for Spotify playlist curation, Playlist Plugger has a 5-star rating on the popular site Trustpilot, and employs a large team of Spotify-specific experts. They also provide 24/7 customer support to their artists and have a wide range of plans to meet your goals, whatever they may be.

Songs are submitted to genre-specific playlist curators, to ensure the best possible chance of being streamed by a receptive audience. While Playlist Plugger also has YouTube playlist submission plans, most artists find Spotify playlists to be a better investment, as they pay higher fees per stream. They also offer SoundCloud and Twitter services. To see all of their services, please visit

Plans range from the Basic Playlist Plan, which provides approximately 3 - 5 playlist placements and 5,000 streams, to the Pro Spotify Plan with up to 52 playlist placements, and an estimated 150,000 song streams. The company also offers combination plans if you want your music placed in both Spotify and YouTube playlists. To see the full list of plans, please visit

As streaming music has become the leading source of revenue for most music labels over the past several years, many artists have found that improved popularity on streaming services has increased the interest from major music labels. Film and TV music supervisors also frequently browse streaming services when looking for new music to license for their productions.

A satisfied client said, “Better results than expected. I used this service for the first time, in under two days they got us on 48 playlists. Also super responsive, great customer service. Placed another order right away. Give them room the breathe and get going and they’ll do good things for you.”

Whether you've been playing street corners or small clubs, Broadway or bars - Playlist Plugger offers you an easy way to up your game, and get your music heard by thousands of people, including music labels and film producers.

Visit to get your music heard today.

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