Best South Fort Collins Wax Studio: Complete Hair Removal For Bikini & Underarm

Aug 1, 2023

Enjoy a hairless summer with The Screamin Peach (970-224-2936) in Fort Collins! Our professional wax studio uses a combination of hard and soft wax to remove as much hair as possible!

Let’s get one thing straight: You are beautiful EXACTLY the way you are. But if you’re looking for a little hair-free moment to boost your confidence a little bit - we got you.

At The Screaming Peach, no hair is safe. Despite what our name implies, our goal is to make your peach as beautifully hair-free as possible - and the only screaming to be heard is the one you make in the bedroom!

Our delicious secret? We pamper your entire body with a whole list of waxing services, from leg waxes to Brazilian waxes. Our experienced skincare boutique uses specially-selected products that are gentle enough for all types of skin, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

We’re so excited to announce amazing promos for all our waxing services, including leg wax, Brazilian wax, bikini wax, underarm wax, and chest wax. Each controlled session removes as much hair as possible from the follicles to slowly damage the roots and prevent regrowth. This is why regular waxing sessions are recommended for you to achieve your desired look.

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Our services cover all parts of the body, from the popular bikini wax to lesser-known areas, such as ear waxing and abdomen waxing. To get the best results, please schedule an initial consultation to speak with one of our qualified professionals first to see which service is the most suitable for you and your skin. This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin, as our waxing technicians may conduct a skin patch test to see if waxing is a viable option.

We use a combination of soft and hard wax to ensure complete hair removal. Both have been formulated for use on all skin types, but kindly tell us if you are currently on any skin medication or are using retinol. This is to prevent any allergic reaction. Further details can be found at

All waxing options are tailored for each client. We are committed to being a waxing studio for everybody and every body. Before any waxing service is done, you are asked about your specific goals and any problem areas you may have had previously.

We believe all cats are beautiful - but our favorite kitties are the hairless ones. We serve both men and women.

We also offer spray tan services to give you that beautiful summer glow!

As seen on our website, "As a locally-owned business, The Screamin Peach is proud to stand apart from other generic factory-style studios. Our comfortable environment, exceptionally talented team, and level of personalized service have gained both local and national recognition. Because of our fantastic clients, we’ve continued to expand on Jen’s vision with three convenient locations in Northern Colorado, and others in the works."

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