Best Seattle Luxury Spa Does Drainage Massage With Cupping & Jade Pod Session

Feb 22, 2023

Seattle’s top-rated luxury spa, Penelope and the Beauty Bar, has the finest massages to promote relaxation, good health, and a deep sense of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Best Seattle Luxury Spa Does Drainage Massage With Cupping & Jade Pod Session

Restore your mind, body and spirit with a world-class massage from Penelope and the Beauty Bar.

The renowned Seattle spa, which is staffed by highly trained beauticians and world-class masseuses, has long offered their clients a repertoire of personalized massages in popular styles, including deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage. Now, Penelope and the Beauty Bar is offering you a new selection of massage styles they believe to have deeply nourishing and restorative benefits, such as lymphatic drainage massages.

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar is proud to be expanding into lymphatic drainage massage therapies as the benefits of the technique become more well-established. As a recent article on Women’s Health Magazine stated, these massages can help your body shed excess fluids and toxins. It can also stimulate your lymphatic system, which is your body’s home of disease-fighting white blood cells.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar believes that the lymphatic system is essential to your overall feeling of health and vitality, which is why they have developed their new full-body lymphatic drainage treatment.

If you book one of these sessions, you will enjoy a focused lymphatic drainage massage, a gentle spa cupping experience and a 30-minute session inside the spa’s unique restorative infrared jade pod. As a representative for the spa said, following the treatment, “your body will be rid of toxins and tension, stimulating circulation and healing”.

In addition to their new lymphatic massages, Penelope and the Beauty Bar is now also offering you whole body Gua Sha massage and reiki, if you want a more synergetic body-mind experience.

If you are looking for targeted massage to address common concerns like cellulite, the beauty-oriented spa also offers you focused cellulite and waistline massages to prompt skin and muscular toning and rejuvenation.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is open seven days a week and they welcome your booking online, over the phone or in person.

A spokesperson for the luxury spa said, “Massages at Penelope and the Beauty Bar in Seattle are a restorative and healing experience, helping our guests to feel deeply connected to body, mind and spirit. Our professional massage therapists work with guests to customize a service that will provide the optimum experience and results. Our guests leave the beauty bar feeling awakened, energized, relieved of tension and fully rejuvenated.”

If you’ve been feeling tired, bloated and unwell recently, this could be a sign that you need to restore your lymphatic system through massage.

Visit to learn more about how Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s new lymphatic drainage massage can benefit you and your body.

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