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Apr 1, 2024

Now’s the time to make sure your cooling system is running properly – not when you’re sweltering in the Arizona summer! Call Clark Heating and Cooling at +1-602-793-2477 to make sure everything’s up to your standards in Scottsdale.

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The worst time to discover a problem with your AC is when you really need it. That’s why Clark Heating and Cooling advises you to have your system checked now - with plenty of time to get a replacement booked!

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As a Scottsdale local, you have access to the attention of expert HVAC professionals. This team is equipped to ascertain the source of cooling issues in your AC units - before replacing your system in line with industry standards when necessary.

The Peoria-based technicians highlight improper installation among the biggest reasons behind poor AC performance, including units that haven’t been balanced correctly. Its services are designed to address such issues, either verifying the proper position of your AC equipment or installing new models depending on your unique situation.

Clark Heating and Cooling highlights the current time of year as an ideal period in which to arrange AC inspections, with springtime emerging and temperatures beginning to rise after winter. This gives you ample time to have any detected problems fixed before Arizona’s summer heat really arrives - whether that means having your system repaired or replaced.

A company representative elaborated by saying: “Both your AC and heater should be checked once a year, before the summer and winter seasons respectively. This helps ensure everything is working properly and prevents any major break-downs right when you need your unit the most. We call these preventive maintenance checks, and we do a 22-point inspection to make sure all is in working order.”

Upon arrival at your site, its team outlines an examination process that takes into account the brazing, blower status, and static pressure of your AC system. In the event that your AC unit needs to be replaced, Clark Heating and Cooling is ready to install a new system as part of a procedure that’s conducive to heightened performance.

By fitting units with optimal airflow in mind, this team can help to extend the lifespan of your machinery - leading to significantly fewer mechanical issues. Their procedure is structured to confirm that each function and component is running to expected standards - with the team highlighting the energy efficiency benefits that’ll come as a result. 

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Operating across the Phoenix metro area, Clark Heating and Cooling is committed to addressing AC and furnace concerns on residential, commercial, and industrial levels. The company is also able to enact repairs or perform upkeep work as needed - with the express aim of maintaining the condition of your heating and cooling equipment going forward.  

“They did an excellent job diagnosing the issue with my AC unit,” said one recent client - with another adding: “This team was quick to respond, friendly, and knowledgeable. They quickly helped me out of a jam.”

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