Best Options For Crypto IRAs: Self-Directed DeFi Investment Exchanges & Wallets

Mar 20, 2024

If you’re new to crypto but you’re interested in what a digital currency IRA could do for your savings and retirement pots, check out the latest guide from CosmosUPS.

Thinking of investing in crypto as part of your retirement plan? Want the lowdown on the rise of cryptocurrency IRAs and what they could do for your finances?

Read the latest guide from CosmosUPS on the best exchanges and brokers for crypto IRAs! More details at

Risks & Rewards

The guide points out that many experts still view cryptocurrency investment as extremely risky while others believe it to be a robust option for sizable returns in the long term. A crypto IRA affords you the same tax deferral features as a traditional version. You should also be aware that crypto accounts are often subject to additional costs with many firms charging maintenance and holding fees.

Bitcoin IRA

The guide takes a look at some of the most popular crypto IRAs that are available today. Bitcoin IRA, for example, allows you to acquire currency directly without the need for an exchange but this limits investments to a single cryptocurrency at any one time and charges are generally high. Despite this, BitcoinIRA gets CosmosUPS' recommendation for the best overall option available today.


Other options for your consideration include Acorns – an app that lets you round up the value of your purchases to the nearest dollar and invest the difference. Coinbase - an online brokerage specializing in buying and selling cryptocurrency – is also worth a look.


The piece also explores the features offered by platforms like CoinIRA which lets you trade directly against fiat currencies and offers expert assistance and advice from investment consultants. In terms of fees, transactions are charged at 0.25% plus a monthly maintenance charge. Other providers include iTrustCapital and BlockMint.

Broad Financial

According to the article, digital banking applications such as Broad Financial let you buy crypto directly and invest in an IRA without the need for an intermediary. There is no set minimum to get started and you can fund your IRA with as much as $10,000 per month.

The guide states, “A cryptocurrency IRA lets you diversify your portfolio and avoid paying capital gains taxes. You can invest in various currencies based on which suits your needs best.”

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