Best Online Breathwork Facilitator Course: Learn Modality That Reduces Anxiety

Dec 6, 2023

NeuroDynamic Institute invites you to enroll in the 2024 session of their popular NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ facilitator training. This breathwork modality will allow you to change countless lives, including your own.

NeuroDynamic Institute knows everything begins with the breath.

If you are interested in harnessing this incredible natural tool, which we all have within us, the next session of their unique online breathwork facilitator training program could be an incredible new beginning for you.

In this intensive online program, you will be taught how to become a facilitator of the institute’s NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality. Developed by NeuroDynamic Institute’s founder, Michael Stone, this unique non-directive modality helps users empower themselves and find answers to the questions they may have about life within themselves; accessing a higher level of consciousness in which they can release limiting beliefs and patterns. 

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If you have used Stone’s modality you will have felt its power, and amongst the users of the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality, 89% have significantly reduced their feelings of anxiety, 75% say they have gained access to inner wisdom and an inner guiding intelligence and 59% have also enjoyed a greater sense of self-awareness. 

It is these impressive results that have led to growing international acclaim for the modality and interest in its teachings. Therefore, Michael Stone and NeuroDynamic Institute are pleased to be opening enrolments for another semester of their popular breathwork facilitator training program, which will commence on March 2 next year. 

To date, hundreds of participants have had their personal and professional life transformed by this six-month program, which offers you 350 hours of structured learning centered upon live Zoom workshops held by Michael Stone and other breathwork experts. 

NeuroDynamic Institute continues to improve and broaden their curriculum each year to ensure that you will become both the best breathwork facilitator you can be and that you can enjoy the healing and transformative benefits of NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ yourself. This year, the course programmers are particularly pleased to tell you that they have further refined the course’s self-development track, which now represents one-third of the course material.  

With ongoing practicum opportunities, which are held both online and in person, and a supportive peer group structure, NeuroDynamic Institute is confident that their breathwork facilitator training program is like no other. 

Because of the esteem in which Michael Stone and the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality are held in, this six-month program is also certified, making it a recommended option if you’re a psychotherapist or wellness practitioner who is looking to enhance your professional craft. 

Only 34 places are available in the course, so don’t miss out, enroll today.

A spokesperson for NeuroDynamic Institute said, “Through learning how to release some of your core engrained stories and blocks, you will learn to facilitate breathwork based on the principle of radical self-empowerment—supporting breathers to strengthen their neural pathways to their inner guiding intelligence in order to better access it in their daily lives.” 

With just the power of your own breath, you can begin a new chapter of your life and help others embark on the same journey in the future.

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