Best Non-Religious Chicago Wedding Officiant Makes Chicago Weddings Unforgettable.

Apr 3, 2020

Stay away from tired old wedding traditions. Let Love Story Weddings create your fresh, fun, and unforgettable ceremony with Rev. Brad Hughes, an Award-winning Chicago Wedding Officiant and Consultant.

Are you looking for a priest, celebrant, or consultant for your upcoming wedding? If you are after a non-traditional wedding ceremony, you have come to the right place.

Conducting wedding ceremonies in Chicago and the nearby Chicagoland Suburbs, Rev. Brad Hughes can make your wedding more personal and enjoyable. Know more about him through his wedding website at:

His services aim to provide a unique experience for couples who are considering alternatives to traditional, heavily religious wedding rituals. Instead of boring, stale, or forgettable wedding ceremonies, Rev. Brad focuses on your love story to make your wedding ceremony as fresh, fun, and unforgettable.

Weddings require preparation, and officiants are no exception. The experts at Love Story Weddings are keenly aware of this and their services include a two-hour planning meeting between you and Rev. Brad. The reverend uses this time to get to know you and your one-of-a-kind story, which then enables him to create with an original, customized, word-for-word script for your ceremony.

Instead of a 2-hour, boring, funeral-like ceremony, Love Story Weddings are never more than 30 minutes long. The Chicago wedding officiant works hard to maximize this time and pack it with anecdotes and other devices to make the event as engaging, fun, and endearing as possible. To make sure that everything will run smoothly, the Reverend also holds a helpful and fun one-hour rehearsal to let everyone know their roles and also coordinate any additional last-minute details.

Rev. Brad is an awarded-winning Chicago wedding officiant who also serves as a consultant and premarital counselor. He continues to receive outstanding reviews from dozens of couples, particularly on wedding sites like and 

If you wish to get a feel of how Rev. Brad conducts wedding ceremonies, you may view this video:

If you’re ready to book Rev. Brad and have a truly special wedding, you may view his availability as well as the locations covered by his services through the website stated above.

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