Best NASDAQ Resistant Investments – High Yield Masternode Server Rental 2022

Apr 2, 2022

With the NASDAQ declining since early January, wise investors are looking for a more stable high yield investment tool – and they found it in the YieldNodes masternode server rental project.

Best NASDAQ Resistant Investments - High Yield Masternode Server Rental 2022

With the stock market plunging lately, I've found a surefire way to end up with $1 million in stocks, in only a few weeks.

First, you'll need to start with $10 million.

We shouldn't joke about the problems the NASDAQ has been having though, as much of it is a result of global political problems, and many investors have already lost their fortunes.

Instead, let's talk about a better way to invest that's remained stable for years, through stock market crashes, crypto corrections, and everything else the financial markets can throw at it.

Black Book Crytpo has been publishing a report with regular updates into the YieldNodes project, which includes a detailed history of its yield rates. The most recent update is interesting to many investors, as it includes an interview with the CEO of YieldNodes, Steve Hoermann, on a wide range of topics.

Visit to watch the full interview, or read the in-depth report.

The latest update to the report includes revenue generated for January and February 2022, which averaged over 8%, while the NASDAQ was in a 20% decline. This is only slightly lower than the average monthly yield over the last 28 months since the report was initially launched, which is 10%.

Taken annually, that leaves you with a 120% yield, or up to 213.84% if it was compounded. The report shows that the YieldNodes project is resistant to financial losses seen in other markets, holding its value through the decline of the NASDAQ, as well as a 50% correction in Bitcoin.

The interview with Steve Hoermann discusses how this is possible, what makes the YieldNodes project so resilient, and how they manage risk. The YieldNodes CEO also gives his opinion on the current cryptocurrency landscape, and how that will affect you as an investor.

The YieldNodes project was created to offer you access to the high yields and stability of cryptocurrency masternoding while removing the high start-up costs and managing the risks. Through YieldNodes it is possible to rent a masternode server, without purchasing the specialized hardware traditionally required to operate them.

Unlike traditional masternoding, the YieldNodes project manages all the setup and management of the masternodes, which reduces the risk to you. They also guarantee the return of all rental fees and accrued profits if the yield drops below 5% for 3 consecutive months.

The report includes detailed information about the risks, yields, and options associated with the project, and how you can get started renting your own masternode server.

The YieldNodes project has been operating for over two years as of this writing and has maintained its dedication to transparency and openness by regularly providing its users access to audits and financial information about the service.

If you're looking for a high yield investment that you don't need to micromanage, and that's known for maintaining stability while other markets plummet - then you're looking for YieldNodes. They take the complicated and expensive process of masternoding, and make it both affordable and easy.

Visit to learn more about YieldNodes, and how it maintains its high yield rate.

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