Learn From Medal Of Honor Recipients In This New Leadership Training Program

May 1, 2024

The National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership is offering you the chance of a lifetime: learn leadership skills like never before alongside real Medal of Honor recipients in their new training program.

When Will Your Moment Arrive?

For centuries, great leaders have emerged in the face of adversity, defined by a single, world-altering moment. These moments turn ordinary individuals into names woven into the tapestry of history; names passed down as examples of what we can be when we are at our best. Many of these names also have something in common: their place on the list of Medal of Honor recipients.

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President Theodore Roosevelt, Iwo Jima hero Sergeant John Basilone, and Private Desmond Doss - whose harrowing story was portrayed in the film Hacksaw Ridge - are all among the names on this exclusive list, joining countless others in their sacrifice and heroism.

While many of these extraordinary individuals are no longer with us, lost in the line of service or to the sands of time, many others continue to shape our society to this day. For these individuals and for those who would like to learn from them, the National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership has been established.

Birthplace of Future Leaders

The Medal of Honor is the military's highest award that the U.S. government has the authority to bestow, granted to America’s greatest heroes throughout history. To honor this legacy of greatness, the National Medal of Honor Center has been providing sterling guidance to individuals of all ages ever since its inception.

The Center's mission is not only to honor those who fought for our country in the past but also to raise the next generation of leaders. To that effect, they have created a new youth training program designed to connect extraordinary individuals like you with actual Medal of Honor recipients.

The values promoted by the program are the same ones that Medal of Honor recipients are recognized for when they receive the award - sacrifice, integrity, commitment, courage, patriotism, and courage. By passing on these values through this program, the Center hopes to instill a sense of duty and honor in the next generation of leaders - leaders like you.

Training Great Americans

Throughout the new training program, you and your fellow participants will be exposed to real scenarios in which difficult decisions must be made. Using the values that the Center teaches as a guide, you will be given the opportunity to act through these situations, learning on the fly in a collaborative setting with instructors from a range of disciplines and backgrounds.

A spokesperson for the Center stated, “Leadership and character development are lifelong journeys, and we strive to provide opportunities for people from all walks of life. We want to make leadership resources more accessible so everyone can learn from our Medal of Honor recipients and leadership experts.”

The rollout of the program will begin with an interactive seminar series, during which you will be able to speak directly with honorees in a panel setting. A wide range of activities and events are then planned to follow, including many in-person learning opportunities and several online classes for those who cannot physically attend.

Get Started Today

To find out how you can participate in any of the programs hosted by the National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership, you can subscribe to their newsletter for updates. The sign-up page, as well as additional information regarding these programs and the Center’s 5-year roadmap, are available at https://mohcenterforleadership.org/leadership-and-education-program/

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