Best Moving Truck Rental Guide: Size Charts & 2023 Free Cost Quotes, Queens

Sep 27, 2023

Before you rent a moving truck, read this! This free guide from can help you rent the right size truck, with the right accessories, for the right price. It explains everything – you can even get up to 7 free quotes, with no obligation.

The other day, as I was taking the elevator to my apartment, I was trying to calculate how big of a truck I would need to get all my stuff moved, in a single trip.

I added up all the stuff I thought I had to move, the furniture, appliances, everything, and then made some guesses about how much room it would take. By the time I got to the top floor - I was wrong on so many levels...


It's funny now, sure, but at the time... I didn't realize that the truck was too small until I was halfway through filling it, and by then, it was a little late.

To make a long story short - like the moving truck I rented, you don't want to make the same mistake. Not only did it take longer to move, but it cost more too - because that extra trip isn't free.

If you're planning to move any time soon, I recommend this free, easy guide from, all about how to rent a truck, properly. If I had read the guide first, I would have known I needed a bigger truck - but hindsight is 20/20, right?

Here's what you need to know, in a nutshell.

The free guide has a simple chart that makes it easy to estimate the size of the truck you need, based on how big your apartment is. For example, suggests that a small one-bedroom apartment can be moved in a 10’ truck, while a 4-bedroom apartment may require a truck up to 26’ long.

If I had read the guide first, like you should, I would have realized right away that a 12' truck wasn't big enough for my 3-bedroom apartment

Now obviously, this is only an estimate - because the folks over at can't tell if your apartment is mostly empty, or packed to the ceiling with knick-knacks and furniture. That's worked into the equation though, and just to be safe, they suggest renting a truck 10 - 15% larger than you need.

It's not all sizes and charts though, the guide walks you through the whole process, including finding the best deal.

It has a whole list of suggested questions to ask a rental service and breaks down the five factors most likely to affect the overall cost. For example, you may expect additional charges based on the size of the truck, the distance it travels, the length of time it is needed for, and occasionally, the time of year in which it is rented.

Yes, you read that right - there's a busy season for moving, and moving in the off-season can often save you a fair amount of money.

One thing mentioned in the guide that's super important, is insurance.

Before choosing a rental service, the guide suggests discussing insurance options with the company, as well as any extra fees. Some rental agencies may provide additional insurance that includes coverage for your cargo, and you should read through your options, and choose the one that suits your needs.

Now we're almost totally done, but there's one more thing you may want to consider.

The guide also explains all the accessories or tools commonly used for DIY moves, which can often be rented at the same time as the moving truck. While this may vary from one rental agency to another, you should request more information about moving blankets, hand carts, and moving straps, which may be useful for transporting large or heavy furniture.

That should be more than enough information to help you get the right truck - now, let's talk about how to get the right deal.

No matter how you're planning to move, from DIY to full-service, I suggest checking out this free, easy tool from (just click here to use it).

You just enter some details about your move, and they'll send the info to a bunch of pre-screened, top-rated movers in your area. Before you know it, you'll get up to 7 free estimates, with no obligation.

It's a win-win, even if you decide to DIY the entire move, at least you'll know how much money you're saving.

You can read the full, free guide from at

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