Best Move-To-Earn Step App Tokens KCAL & FITFI Metrics | Metaverse Fitness 2022

Jun 27, 2022

A new entry into the GameFi move-to-earn category, Step App, takes a different approach than its competition. Explore the tokens, NFTS, and metrics, in this new guide from Chiliz News.

Best Move-To-Earn Step App Tokens KCAL & FITFI Metrics | Metaverse Fitness 2022

Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the fellow who invented velcro shoes, and I asked him what inspired him to say “No,” to laces.

He said, “Why knot?”

Go ahead and groan, you know it’s hilarious.

It’s also relevant though – because now a brand new kind of shoe is on the market, and it’s the only kind that pays you for using it.

In 2021, a new phenomenon began rising in popularity, using the blockchain as the backbone for a new style of gaming, and now that sector has evolved again to include a category of fitness-based move-to-earn applications. This new guide launched by Chiliz News explores Step App, a FitFi game that encourages you to make healthy lifestyle choices by rewarding you with crypto.

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The new Step App combines GameFi, FitFi, and physical fitness, with a social aspect and the metaverse, to create a unique experience for players. The in-game tokens, metrics, NFTs, and unique ways to play are examined in this new guide.

While Step App is not the only move-to-earn physical fitness app available today, it has several differences from its competitors. What truly makes the new app unique is its focus on the metaverse.

Using the word metaverse in advertising has become a cliche for many blockchain-based businesses, but Step App actually integrates the metaverse directly into the game, by allowing you to play using augmented reality. By wearing an augmented reality headset, you can have in-game information, graphics, and more overlaid over the real world as you walk, jog, or run to earn tokens.

The guide explains that Step App uses a combination of NFTs and geo-location technology, allowing you to collect crypto tokens for every step you take and compete with friends or strangers from around the world. The new app is currently running an early sign-up campaign, providing early users with free SNEAK NFTs.

A roadmap for Step App can be found in the new guide, which shows that the company has plans to integrate its products into stores and create partnerships with popular brands in the coming year. Right now the app is in the Beta Launch phase, with plans for a full launch in Q3 of 2022.

Step App uses a dual-token model, with FITFI governance tokens used for administration, and KCAL tokens used for creating and maintaining the NFT sneakers, called SNEAKS, which players use to improve their in-game abilities and earnings. The report explains how each token works, what they can be used for, and how they can be acquired.

Getting into the habit of making healthy lifestyle choices, such as making sure you get enough daily exercise, can be tough. Move-to-earn gaming may change all that, but it’s still too early to say for sure.

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