Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic Marketing Strategy 2023: Get DFY Branded Content

Apr 22, 2023

Get your medical aesthetic clinic noticed, for all the right reasons. You don’t need online ads or billboards, because Usohn Digital has something bigger, better, easier – and way more affordable. Just ask them about their Done-For-You Content Marketing, and prepare to be amazed.

Have you ever been watching TV, or streaming a video, and had to watch the same boring advertisement, over and over and over again?

It's frustrating, right?

Don't you wish the company that made that ad would just get lost, and go bother someone else?

You're not alone - but did you know there's a solution?

No, it's not throwing out your phone, laptop, or TV - it's better than that.

It's finding a new way to manage your marketing, so you can be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

As an added bonus, it won't annoy your customers, it's more effective than traditional advertising, and it lasts practically forever.

I'm talking about the Omnipresent Multimedia Marketing Service For Medical Aesthetic Clinics, provided by Usohn Digital Marketing Agency...

I know that's a mouthful, so let me explain.

Alternatively, you could just visit their website at and get the details straight from the source.

So what's this magic marketing strategy?

Well, the short answer is - it's using a wide range of multimedia to saturate the market, but in a smarter way than just plastering ads everywhere.

Their marketing strategy uses six multimedia formats that are in popular use today, including streaming videos, blog posts, and podcasts. By generating content in each of these formats, and optimizing it to rank highly in the search results, Usohn Digital can help you to expand your online visibility, without wasting all that money on ads.

It's a more effective, targeted approach because it works by targeting clients that are actually looking for your services, rather than just anyone who fits a certain demographic. For example, instead of showing ads to anyone in your city between the ages of 25 - 60, you'll have blogs and podcasts all about your brand, and how awesome it is, that show up when someone searches for relevant keywords.

When someone looks for, "Best Fine Line & Wrinkle Management" in your city, or maybe "Top Lip Augmentation Experts," or whatever specific services you offer - that's when your content will show up. When people are actively looking for it, and interested in making a purchase.

The campaigns are provided as a “done-for-you” service, so you will never be asked to write your own marketing content, perform your own market research, or record your own multimedia. While you are encouraged to suggest topics, keywords, locations, or products you wish to focus on, it is not required.

Each campaign includes all necessary market research on both your business and your competition, which will be completed by a Usohn marketing expert. This research will help to inform the topics for current and future campaigns, the most effective keywords to target first, and a strategy for helping you to increase your online visibility organically.

Using a “hyper-local focus,” the campaigns help to optimize each piece of content to improve its likelihood of ranking highly in the search engines for a specific city or neighborhood. This focus can be consistent throughout several campaigns to focus on one specific area, or it can be rotated to optimize content for several nearby neighborhoods or franchise locations.

What's really important is that the campaigns can be used individually, but they can also be used as a cumulative strategy to increase awareness about your brand over time or to increase its ranking for a wider range of keywords.

If you use multimedia marketing campaigns as a long-term strategy, you can request a “Snapshot Report” from Usohn Digital that will show how your brand ranks initially for a wide range of keywords, and how your ranking has changed throughout your campaign. The results aren't just noticeable, they're often quite shocking for small business owners who never expected to rank anywhere near the top without buying ads.

The awareness campaigns will help you to rank higher in the search results organically, but Usohn Digital does not ever use paid advertisements. That means that you will never have “sponsored” banners next to your content, and unlike most traditional advertising, your multimedia marketing content will not expire.

That's good news both times because research shows that most consumers entirely ignore any link with a "sponsored" banner - and who wouldn't want their marketing materials to stay online forever, working to increase their traffic, at no extra cost?

It just makes sense.

Take a unique approach to an old problem, and get your brand noticed without using a single ad.

Visit to schedule a free consultation, or to learn more about how it all works.

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