Best Backlinking Strategy For Accountants: PR Distribution To Mainstream Media

May 2, 2023

Does your accounting firm need a boost when it comes to marketing online? Would you like your services on high-profile websites such as Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg? That’s exactly what Usohn Digital Media Agency’s content marketing solutions can do.

As an accountant, prospective clients need to know they can count on you to provide professional services for looking after their money. However, if your firm doesn’t stand out from your industry competitors online, you may struggle to gain new leads and traffic. Usohn Digital Media Agency’s content marketing solutions can establish your accounting firm’s online authority and reputation.

The company’s services provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies that include creating and distributing content that actively engages your prospective clients and builds traffic and leads.

Usohn Digital Media Agency can create and distribute content that is both customized to your CPA, bookkeeping, or tax preparation business while also being optimized for online marketing.

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Recent statistics show that over 90% of individuals conduct online research into a business prior to engaging in its services. This consumer trend means that if your accounting firm provides services both online and locally, it needs effective digital marketing to gain and convert new leads. To meet this demand, Usohn Digital Media Agency developed its customized content marketing services for accountants.

As the company explains, your accounting firm’s brand authority is developed through the social proof that is seen when a prospective client searches for your services or name online. By developing targeted and optimized content, the marketing agency actively raises the online visibility and authority of your brand.

When delivering content, Usohn Digital Media Agency’s team leverages its extensive industry expertise and connections to distribute to recognized and highly regarded sites such as Bloomberg, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, Medium, and MarketWatch. Additionally, the company’s content creation includes a wide range of media types that meet the expected requirements of each website and their respective audiences.

In addition to providing services for accounting clients, the marketing firm can also develop customized content for other industries, including dentists, doctors, lawyers, dermatologists, and realtors. They also offer one-time or recurring monthly plans to accommodate your budget and needs.

If you are looking to get started developing digital marketing for your firm, you can learn more about the Usohn Digital Media Agency’s services through their website. The site also has a contact form if you would like to discuss your marketing needs with one of the company’s team.

A spokesperson for Usohn Digital Media Agency said, “We help you to reach your best clients by crafting meaningful hyper-local ads and media coverage. If there’s a service you offer in a specific location, neighborhood, or region, we help you get seen.”

Get digital marketing and content distribution services you can count on with Usohn Digital Media Agency.

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