Best Marketing Technique For Pavers & Surfacers To Improve Online Visibility

Jul 28, 2023

Pave the way to some new clients, with this easy, done-for-you marketing strategy that’s optimized just for pavers and surfacers like yourself. You’ll never waste money on traditional advertisements again, once you’ve tried these blogs, press releases, videos, and podcasts.

Some folks have it easy, y'know?

When Bill down the road wants to do some advertising, he can just put up a sign or run a radio advertisement, and because he runs a restaurant - everyone is a potential customer.

When you want to advertise though, it's never so easy, is it?

The majority of people just aren't looking for your services, at least not right this second, so spamming ads all over the radio and internet just turns into a big waste of time and money.

It makes sense, I guess - there just isn't as big of a market for pavers and surfacers, but there is a market, and there must be a better way to tap into it, right?

Of course there is, or I wouldn't be writing this blog! That's what I want to talk to you about, what the alternatives are, how to find the best option, and how to make sure it's laser-targetted at your potential clients.

Although, I've gotta be honest about it - I didn't come up with all of this. I got the idea from a specialized marketing agency, Brigins Digital Consultants, and I'm just passing on the info. If you want to visit them directly, just head over to

Their new strategy uses a combination of proven techniques to ensure that marketing materials about your business have a high probability of reaching actual, potential customers. That's not the coolest part though, this is: they never, ever, use traditional advertisements, “pay-per-click” links, or sponsored ads.

That's important, and I'll tell you why - people hate ads. They hate them so much, some people even actively avoid companies that advertise too much, because they're so annoying.

They won't be ignoring you though, because instead of traditional advertisements, Brigins Digital Consultants use professionally authored content in popular multimedia formats. Each multimedia piece contains information about your business, how awesome your work is, and the individual services you offer.

Oh, and they all link back to your main landing page, sales page, or whatever page you want, so the customers can find you - after reading about how great your business is.

The range of multimedia formats is important though, and I'll explain why. This strategy ensures that potential customers can always find information about your business, regardless of their preferred media type. A standard marketing campaign can include content in up to 6 multimedia formats, including streaming videos, podcasts, infographics, press releases and blog articles.

What that means, is that if a potential customer is looking for the best local pavers, when they do a search they'll find articles with headlines like, "Best Parking Lot Pavers In Austin, Texas," or "Affordable Resurfacing For Driveways & Garages, California."

While it's possible they might skip the top option, because maybe it's a podcast and they prefer blogs, press releases, or videos, there will always be a multimedia piece in their preferred format, all about your brand, and with links to your website.

Now, that is a lot of content, and a lot of work - but don't worry, it's an entirely "done-for-you" project. You can help out if you want, by providing keyword suggestions, topics, themes, jokes, quotes, or anything else that you want included - but you don't have to.

You never have to worry that they'll make any promises, or write anything incorrect about your brand either. To make sure that every piece of content meets your highest quality standards, each campaign will be available for review before it goes live online.

Ready for my favorite part? Unlike traditional ads, your content will never expire, and can still help to attract new clients indefinitely. Years from now, your blogs and podcasts will still be online, and they'll still show up in the search results, even though you only pay for them once.

Not bad, right? Well, it gets better, because that's what makes this next part of the strategy so effective.

This technique can be used either in a single campaign or as a recurring program, which can help you to rank higher in the search results for even the most competitive keywords. They even provide proof, in a “snapshot report” which shows how your brand ranks for a range of keywords before, during, and after your campaigns.

If you're doing a recurring campaign, you can choose to really hammer on certain keywords to secure all the top spots in the search engine, or you can make sure that your business ranks for a wide variety of keywords, or both.

Just remember that you're the client, and it's your brand they're marketing.

You can help out as much, or as little as you want. Provide suggestions for topics, pick your favorite jokes, choose some keywords - or let their expert team handle it all, so you only have to review and approve the results.

No matter which way you choose to use it, Brigins Digital Consulting has a strategy that will work for you.

Don't take my word for it though, I always suggest getting all the facts, straight from the source. You can do that by scheduling a free consultation, at

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