Organics Leads For Asphalt & Concrete Surfacing Businesses: News Media Content

Dec 27, 2023

Whether you specialize in asphalt or concrete, the multimedia content campaigns from Brigins Digital Consultants can put your surfacing or pvaing company in front of millions of local clients.

Done-For-You News & Media Exposure

Imagine the interest that would be generated if your surfacing/paving company was featured on Business Insider and Associated Press.

Brigins Digital Consultants has partnerships with those and hundreds of other high-authority media outlets, so they can make it happen.

It’s not just news websites that you’ll appear on, because your campaign will include blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, and more. Better yet, everything is produced by a team of professional content creators, and then run past you for approval, before being published.

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Brigins’ new content solution is an affordable and highly effective way to increase the online visibility of your local surfacing company. The firm explains that, by being published on respected media websites, potential clients will see your business as being trustworthy.

The Effect Of High-Authority Content

Major search engines, such as Google, consider a range of factors to decide the most relevant results when someone searches for “surfacing business near me.” Mentions and backlinks on third-party websites can contribute to this, with more reputable – or ‘high-authority’ – websites usually having a greater impact on your search rankings.

Brigins Digital Consultants explains that its partnerships with hundreds of high-authority websites are a central part of its new multimedia campaigns. The company produces your campaign with a focus on specific locations and/or services, designed to maximize your local search rankings.

“We use our partnerships with major media sites to help small local businesses get seen,” a company representative explained. “Our team consists of writers, developers, and advertising professionals, allowing us to create highly focused content that positions each client as a trusted expert in their field.”

About Brigins Digital Consultants

Recognizing that smaller businesses are often at a disadvantage in the digital era, Brigins Digital Consultants sought to create a unique content solution that offers the level of online exposure that can usually only be achieved by major organizations. The firm states that existing clients have reported a significant increase in visibility and organic leads following one or more campaigns.

“Thanks to the content campaigns from Brigins Digital Consultants, our business is flourishing in multiple locations,” one client recently stated. “The increased Google visibility has given us a huge boost in organic traffic, and I also have more time to focus on being the CEO, instead of messing around with digital marketing stuff.”

Maximize your limited marketing budget with affordable and highly effective media content campaigns from Brigins Digital Consultants.

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