News Media Campaigns For CA Road Surface & Paving Businesses: Huge Visibility

Nov 28, 2023

If you run a local concrete or asphalt surfacing business in California, Brigins Digital Consultants can feature your company on some of the most well-known news outlets, such as Bloomberg and Business Insider.

Someone is most likely searching for “paving/surfacing contractor near me,” as you read these words, such is the digitally oriented world we now live in.

That means being visible and having a strong online reputation is critical, and the multimedia campaigns from Brigins Digital Consultants will do both.

The firm has partnerships with over 400 high-authority media outlets, and they use a team of professional writers to craft highly targeted content that makes your business shine. Your content campaign can include news articles on some of the most well-known outlets, such as Bloomberg, as well as five other multimedia formats: blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, and slideshows.

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Brigins’ media campaigns can help you reach a much wider audience than is usually possible for most small businesses. In addition to enhanced visibility, distribution on well-known and trusted platforms will also show people that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

A recent study from BrightLocal found that consumers are more likely to research companies from specific industries, including construction/tradespeople, healthcare, and business services. The report also revealed that 98% of individuals say that they read reviews on local businesses, while 87% do so on Google.

By offering professionally written content on major media platforms, Brigins Digital Consultants can make your surfacing/paving business really stand out from your competitors. The firm also explains that major search platforms, such as Google, give greater weighting to outlets that are trusted, so by being featured on “high-authority” sites, you’ll get much better search rankings.

“We specialize in publishing hyper-local content through major media outlets, which helps our clients reach a wide and diverse audience,” a company representative explained. “Our team consists of writers, developers, and advertising professionals, and we have already helped hundreds of businesses from a wide variety of industries.”

About Brigins Digital Consulting

Brigins Digital Consulting continues to develop its innovative multimedia solution, stating that new media partners are being added on a regular basis. The firm’s goal is to help small- and medium-sized businesses compete in what is becoming an increasingly digital world.

“Our business in now thriving across multiple locations thanks to the unique content campaigns from Brigins Digital Consulting,” one business owner recently stated. “The increased visibility has given our website a much greater influx of organic traffic, and I can spend more time focusing on being CEO instead of trying to work on digital marketing.”

If you want to give your paving or surfacing company a massive online reputation boost, speak to the team at Brigins Digital Consultants about their unique media content service.

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