Best Marketing Automation Courses For SMBs To Learn Revenue Growth Techniques

Mar 25, 2024

Join Automate And Grow to get expert tips on how to apply marketing automation and sales workflows to your small business – helping you to smash your growth goals in 2024!

You’ve been thinking of dipping your toes into the world of marketing automation, but keep getting put off by fear of the unknown. Most of this fancy new tech isn’t made with you in mind anyway, is it? Wrong – the latest sales and marketing tricks are just as powerful for smaller companies as they are for the big corporations, and with Automate And Grow you can learn how to master them!

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All the tips you need

Automate And Grow was created by Roman Walter based on his experience with the disenchantment that SMBs often feel with leading-edge technology. He is cultivating what he describes as a ‘rich suite of resources’ all tailored to SMB owners, helping you to achieve success across each stage of your growth journey.

Exploding Topics reports that 91% of marketers believe automation helps them achieve their objectives, underscoring its potential impact - and this is part of the reason that the global marketing automation industry experienced 22% growth between 2021 and 2023, as detailed by Statista.

Break through the fear

Despite the clear benefits, many SMB owners find themselves daunted by the complexities of automation and unsure of how to integrate it into their workflows, Automate And Grow explains - which is why it aims to address this knowledge gap, empowering you with the insights and strategies you need to use automation effectively.

The community has three comprehensive courses, starting with Marketing & Sales Automation 101, which lays the foundation for understanding these concepts. You can then progress to Automating Customer Acquisition, exploring strategies for streamlining the customer journey. The final course, Automation For Revenue Growth, covers advanced techniques for driving revenue through optimized automation processes.

Sales & marketing made easy

The ethos of Automate And Grow is encapsulated in its motto, ‘Simplify to Amplify,’ which underpins all of its offerings. By breaking down complex concepts into accessible and actionable steps, the community aims to help you expand your reach and impact and achieve your business goals.

A spokesperson states: “We want to empower small business owners by simplifying technology, making business automation accessible and actionable, to drive growth and efficiency. We’re building a supportive community for peer learning and networking.”

You don’t have to grow your small business alone. With Automate And Grow, you can learn alongside peers at your level, and discover powerful growth strategies you can apply from day one!

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