Training Community For Small Business Automation: Marketing & Sales Courses

Apr 12, 2024

If you’re a small business owner, join Automate And Grow to learn marketing tips from experts in the field – and network alongside other entrepreneurs as you hit your growth goals!

Does hearing the word automation make you want to bury your head in your pillow? Turn off your serenity song, forget about the motivational podcasts, and buckle up – because Automate And Grow is here to make advanced marketing tools and automation simpler. As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the Marketing and Sales Automation 101, Automating Customer Acquisition, and Automation for Revenue Growth courses.

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Break down automation for your business

Automate And Grow champions the message ‘Simplify to Amplify’ - a phrase that underscores the core goal of the program, which aims to demystify technology, while empowering you to achieve your growth goals by implementing automation in the most impactful ways.

A recent report from Oracle revealed that companies leveraging automation experience an 80% increase in lead quantity, while over 75% experience improved conversion rates - emphasizing the potential impact it can have on your business, particularly when it comes to lead generation and customer acquisition.

Learn how to implement the best systems & tools

Despite its documented benefits, the multitude of systems available can be overwhelming for small business owners. Automate And Grow aims to simplify this by providing a detailed overview of the top options, frameworks, and tools tailored to the unique needs of small enterprises.

In addition to the three above-mentioned courses, Automate And Grow offers weekly mastermind sessions and one-on-one consultations where you can engage with experts and peers, exchange insights, and receive personalized guidance.

Grow alongside like-minded SMB owners

The group’s founder notes that automation can optimize key processes and workflows for businesses across sectors - for instance, in marketing, the right tools can streamline email campaigns, social media management, and lead nurturing, while in sales, they allow for easier quote generation, order processing, and customer relationship management.

Automate And Grow aims to build a supportive community that encourages peer learning and networking. The platform encourages members to share experiences and best practices to overcome common challenges.

A spokesperson states: “We aim to transform technology from a daunting challenge into a lever for growth and efficiency, and our online community offers a rich suite of resources tailored specifically for small businesses, including comprehensive courses, weekly mastermind sessions, and personalized 1:1 conversations.”

Community can be a key driving force behind your business, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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