Online Automation Community Offers Support & Networks For Small Business Owners!

Apr 12, 2024

Ready to take your start-up to the next level? Courses from Automate And Grow offer fresh opportunities if you’re a small business owner seeking to grow your business through automation.

You're passionate about your business and your product - but you find the marketing and technology side somewhat confusing! To help you make sense of it all and harness the power of automation, Automate And Grow offers courses and community support.

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The courses come alongside the platform's community forums, weekly mastermind sessions, and 1:1 guided meetings for personalized business growth solutions through automation.

With the recognition of how mystifying or overwhelming automation technology can be, the community discussions and courses from Automate And Grow provide you with accessible, clear information alongside peer connections.

Grow Your Business

A recent report from Entrepreneur Magazine shows that automation brings a wide range of benefits for small business owners, including a reduction in repetitive work, scalability, better work-life balance, and higher rates of production. To help you grow your business, the courses and weekly sessions teach you how to harness the power of automation.

“Our courses are designed to help you optimize and streamline your marketing and online sales,” says a representative. “We show you how to personalize your campaigns, focus on high-value activities, and boost performance.”

Engage With Peers

The three courses currently available on the Automate And Grown community platform include Marketing & Sales Automation 101, Automating Customer Acquisitions, and Automation for Revenue Growth. All courses are suitable for business owners at any level, from start-ups to well-established companies.

Along with offering courses, weekly mastermind courses, and one-on-one guidance from technology experts, the platform has been designed around community member participation. This means resources are unlocked as you engage, support, and assist other members.

Access Practical Tools

Member points are gained through interactions - such as likes, posts, and comments - and as you gain points, you level up and get access to further resources and networking opportunities. According to an Automate And Grow spokesperson, the goal is to simplify technology while also making automation accessible and actionable as a way to drive growth and efficiency.

You'll be given measurable methods and practical tools, while having the chance to engage with a supportive community, helping eliminate some of the confusion or overwhelm that can arise around the dynamic topic of automation.

Take the next step forward for your small business with help from Automate And Grow!

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