Best Hand-Dyed Variegated Long-Staple Cotton Floss For Punch Needle & Embroidery

Aug 9, 2023

Valdani is North America’s biggest name in cross stitch and punch needle floss. Discover their stunning solid and variegated colors!

If you love to punch needle, you’ll love Valdani. Their top-quality and exceptionally beautiful threads are easy to work with and will set your projects apart.

Valdani understands that when it comes to both cross stitch and punch needle, the quality, texture and colors of your threads are extremely important to the overall finish and style of your project. That's why they have released a new line of hand-dyed and colorfast Egyptian cotton floss that has been made specifically for these popular crafts.

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Valdani is proud to be making their new hand-dyed threads for members of North America’s growing punch needle community. Valdani is known as the original creator of thread for punch needling in the region and, as the craft grows in popularity, they are likewise working to improve their thread quality and expand their range.

While punch needle has historically been in the shadow of its more popular sister craft, cross stitch, today, as Craftsy magazine explained, punch needling is becoming more well-known. If you love making artworks, accessories like tote bags and home décor pieces like pillows, you’ll know that punch needling creates particularly rich textures and interesting shapes.

Valdani agrees, and as punch needling becomes more popular both within the crafting community and beyond, they want to keep innovating. As such, they have developed a new system of naturally hand-dying their threads to give you original and vivid colors that will retain their depth and vibrancy for years.

Given the naturally textured and dimensional finish of punch needle projects, Valdani has also created a new line of variegated shades, which they believe will add further visual interest to your work. As all of their Egyptian cotton threads have been hand-dyed, you’ll notice that they exhibit unique and layered transition points and shades between the threads’ main colors.

The thread makers’ punch needle and cross stitch threads are 100% long-staple and you can buy them in two sizes, 3-strand floss and 6-ply floss.

Valdani has its North American head office in Edmonton, and they ship their threads across Canada and the United States.

A spokesperson for the thread makers said, “We are proud to be creating and developing products, especially for the punch needle market. We are the original creator of North America’s only threads specifically for punch needle. Thanks to us, you don’t need to separate your skein any more, meaning no pre-cutting and no thread waste. Just thread your needle onto your ball and start punching. No trouble, just fun!”

If you haven’t used Valdani’s punch needle floss before, it’s time to discover the difference.

Visit if you want to explore the new solid and variegated hues in their hand-dyed colorfast collection.

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