Best Hair Restoration Procedure In Chicago: FUE by MICRO Reticular Oscillation

Oct 27, 2022

If you are considering a hair transplant procedure, Northwestern Hair Restoration (312-266-6240) has a newly improved option that may help you get more natural results than traditional FUE implants.

Best Hair Restoration Procedure In Chicago: FUE by MICRO Reticular Oscillation

As a male with a bald father, I understand the existential dread posed by hair loss. The specter is looming, no matter how much I try to deny it.

If you are like me in this regard, you should know that effective, advanced hair restoration options do exist, and if you are experiencing hair loss and are in search of a remedy, you should read on.

Northwestern Hair Restoration has developed a new FUE implant procedure looks more natural and that does not require you to shave your head prior to implantation.

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It may be able to help you if you are suffering from partial hair loss, while allowing you to take advantage of the notable improvements NHR has made to the standard hair plug procedure. According to the clinic, FUE implants offer a healthier, more natural look as compared to equivalents.

The new Micro FUE is enhanced in a number of ways. Specifically, the original FUE implant procedure often left hair looking dry and dull due to a lack of underlying dermal support infrastructure for the implanted follicle. Through the use of reticular oscillation, NHR’s team can conduct the treatment without damaging vital structures like oil glands and connective tissues.

The Micro extraction procedure also improves on the standard FUE by preventing injury to hairs neighboring the hairs which are collected. This means that not only do the restored regions look more natural, but the hair in the regions where the follicles were transplanted from also remains more dense and undamaged.

Northwestern Hair Restoration provides end-to-end care for its patients before, during, and after the procedure. Following a consultation to discuss the best options for your situation, the team will guide you through the necessary preparations and care requirements to ensure the highest chance of success.

After the procedure is complete, the clinic's experts will continually monitor your healing process to ensure effective restoration. Additionally, they can help you style and dress your hair in ways that maintain the natural look and accentuate your new hairline.

Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you find that your confidence is suffering as a result, there are solutions. Contact Northwestern Hair Restoration to find out if you may benefit from Micro FUE.

You can schedule a consultation to determine whether you have enough donor area and follicle density to support the clinic’s new procedure. You can find more detailed information about the procedure and the team behind it on the clinic's website.

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