Best Fruit-Scented Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Revealed In Aromatherapy Guide

Aug 17, 2022

Ready to infuse your summer days with fruity scents? Loving Essential Oils is here to reveal essential oils blends that are citric-ally acclaimed!

Best Fruit-Scented Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Revealed In Aromatherapy Guide

There’s a reason why citrus fruits lead the way in fruit-scented essential oil recipes – after all, they never run out of juice! Find out which fruity blends are right for you with this Loving Essential Oils guide!

The guide is the latest in a series of essential oil reports and DIY diffuser blend recipes by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane. Loving Essential Oils serves as Lane’s ongoing resource with regular additions on the subject of homemade essential oils, their potential effects, and instructions on how you can create specific blends.

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Focusing specifically on fruit-scented essential oils, this guide is written to showcase a variety of fruity blends and their proposed role in your wellness-based lifestyle.

In her guide, Jennifer Lane explains that citrus fruits – such as orange, tangerine, lemon, and lime – make up the bulk of fruit-scented essential oils due to their composition. She points to the existing rinds and peels present in citrus fruit that make them particularly conducive to steam distillation or cold-press processes, resulting in a range of fruity blends you’ll love.

Via Loving Essential Oils, Lane sets out to highlight many of these essential oil blends as well as key benefits that they are commonly thought to have. As an example, she notes that mandarin essential oil has often been associated with calming effects as well as improved skin health.

The guide also warns against products that are falsely labeled as essential oils. Jennifer Lane intends for Loving Essential Oils to provide you with continuing education on the usage of essential oils, their scents, and their properties. As such, her guide clarifies that many items – including CO2 extracts and infused oils – should not be confused with essential oils.

Loving Essential Oils points out that the distinction is crucial, advising that essential oils – such as the fruit-scented blends listed in the guide – are said to possess specific therapeutic advantages and usage methods. Needless to say – you’ll find this guide essential!

As written in the new guide: “Fruit-based essential oils are believed to offer a variety of health benefits. For example, orange oil is known to be a natural antiseptic and can be used to help cleanse the skin. It is also believed to be helpful in boosting the immune system. Lemon oil is known to be a good source of Vitamin C and is thought to be beneficial for the skin and the digestive system.”

One thing’s for sure: this guide won’t be a fruitless read!

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