Best Franklin, TN Furniture Moving & Piano Packing Help: Book Pro Mover Support

Apr 19, 2024

When it comes to moving, your furniture is the hardest part! If you’re in Franklin, good news – you have access to experienced movers who’ll take care of your furniture for you… call True Friends Moving Company at +1-615-988-9190 today!

True Friends = Your Trusted Franklin Furniture Movers…

Your upcoming move doesn’t have to involve you and an unfortunate helper heaving your couch down the stairs of your apartment building. “PIVOT!” says Ross - but that’s not for you. Instead, you can call on True Friends Moving Company for help.

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Moving furniture is considered among the most difficult of relocation jobs - but not for this team. Don’t worry about the heavy weight of your belongings, you don’t have to move them alone. True Friends Moving Company can take care of your furniture, getting it out of your old home and reassembling it in your new place.

Whether you need to move desks, pianos, sofas, or other furniture items, you're in luck. Leave it to this team for complete relocations as part of moving truck-aided home moving projects… or even in-home rearrangement if you're carrying out a property renovation. 

True Friends Moving Company will get your furniture packed and protected from damage during short or long-distance transit. They’ll include shrink-wrapping and padding as you need, preventing your prized possessions from sustaining scratches or dents!

Of course, full protection goes beyond the physical…

As such, True Friends Moving Company is also positioned to extend a range of insurance plans to cover your high-value appliances, furniture, and more.

“Protecting your belongings during a move is essential,” says the team. “True Friends Moving Company offers various insurance options to give you peace of mind. From basic coverage to full-value protection, we can help you understand the differences and choose the best option for your needs.”

The Nashville-area movers are further equipped to put your furniture into storage. You can utilize this option when you need a temporary place to keep your items while you move forward with your property plans!

Planning to move to new residential properties or commercial spaces? True Friends Moving Company provides tailored relocation services that include pickup, transport, and arrangement of your belongings. 

With a fleet of moving trucks, the company can offer ample shelter for your furniture - and its team is ready to proceed with projects regardless of outside weather conditions.

True Friends Moving Company adds: “We are able to complete your move even during inclement weather, such as rain, hail, sleet, et cetera. As always, our crews will take the utmost care to ensure that your belongings are kept free of damage and safely delivered to your new location.”

For Tom Petty, it’s the waiting… but if we’re talking about moving, it’s the furniture that’s the hardest part! So why should you have to do it?

Are you in or around Franklin?

Go to to learn more about True Friends Moving Company and its complete array of residential relocation services!

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