Best Franklin, TN Movers Offer In-Home Furniture Rearrangement & Storage Help

Apr 19, 2024

Moving services don’t have to involve moving your belongings to a new home – sometimes, you just need help getting your furniture to a new room while you remodel. True Friends Moving Company meets ALL moving needs – call +1-615-988-9190 in Franklin!

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Before you can get started with that long-awaited home renovation project, you need to move all your furniture out of the way. That can be tough in a full household - but True Friends Moving Company is here to make everything easier. 

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This team continues to support Nashville-area communities like yours, bringing relocation aid where needed. Its in-home moving options join the company’s wider short and long-distance project assistance services, carried out by its moving professionals.

In-home moving is a more localized focus, with True Friends Moving Company offering its help as part of its commitment to meeting all your relocation demands. If you’re worried about moving your heavy furniture and belongings to other rooms while you oversee extensive renovations, you’re in luck!

That’s because True Friends Moving Company provides its expert assistance while drawing on techniques gained through its years of industry experience. Its team is equipped to lift and move your grand pianos, bookcases, dining tables, and other unwieldy furnishings to new or temporary locations within your home. Such requests are more common than you think!

“True Friends Moving Company doesn’t just handle massive long-distance or local moves,” explained a team representative. “Whether you are going through a remodel, need to arrange your furniture for an open house, or need help moving furniture from one room to another, our experienced crews can help.”

Its in-home moving options are also suitable in the preliminary stages of home sales. True Friends Moving Company points to the ways in which its team can help prepare your property for a future real estate transaction, staging your home to maximize the potential of its interior space. 

While in-home moving is frequently a temporary arrangement as homeowners look to clear space for social gatherings or complete home remodeling projects, True Friends Moving Company is further able to accommodate your calls for more permanent staging. Accordingly, they can rearrange your furniture and reposition your hanging valuables - helping you liven up your home.

Need storage?

In many situations, you may need to keep surplus belongings elsewhere while you finalize your plans. Don’t worry - this team is ready to assist by providing temporary storage at a secure site. What’s more, its movers are prepared to handle all steps of the process as they transport your items back and forth.

“We were moving to an apartment while our house renovation was done,” said one recent customer. “This meant some stuff was being stored in the garage and other stuff would be moved to the apartment. True Friends made sure to confirm where all of the items were going before moving to the garage or the truck for transport. Everything was moved to the correct place without any damage.”

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