Best Emergency Signals Find Water Food Survival Guide Launched By Patch Up Products Emergency First Aid Kit Specialist

Aug 27, 2016

Discover how to signal for help, the best safe foods to eat and how to find water in the new series of survival reports launched by Patch Up Products, the makers of the popular Patch-Up First Aid Emergency Kit on Amazon.

  • best emergency signals find water food survival guide launched by patch up produ
  • best emergency signals find water food survival guide launched by patch up produ
  • best emergency signals find water food survival guide launched by patch up produ

Patch Up Products, the manufacturer of the Patch-Up First Aid Survival Kit, a popular emergency kit sold on Amazon, has announced the launch of a new series of reports on seasonal survival tips for those travelling outdoors or adventuring in the wild. The series has been launched on the Patch Up Products home page, alongside details of the company’s survival and emergency first aid bag.

More information can be found on the Patch Up Products website at:

The Patch-Up First Aid Survival Kit includes a number of items necessary for survival and emergency first aid outdoors, helping users to protect the lives of those close to them and feel safe while they’re out and about, knowing they have items especially designed for survival, trauma and emergency preparedness.

It includes multitudes of bandages, an ice pack, emergency blanket, tourniquet, CPR resuscitation mask, latex free gloves, and medical face masks, among other items. A full set of instructions and guide to using the kit is provided with every order.

Patch Up Products has received glowing reviews for its product, and now it has expanded its service to offer detailed and full featured reports on survival skills for those using the survival kit when travelling.

Each report covers a different survival topic, including the five best distress signals to use when trying to get rescued. In this report, it explains that for hiking and wilderness rescue, it’s crucial to know the hand signals to use to signal passing helicopters. It goes on to say that hikers shouldn’t wave, because this is the signal not to land. Instead, they should hold their arms in a ‘Y’ shape.

Other reports by Patch Up Products include how to find edible plants, which focuses on the big four safe to eat plants in the wild. One of the best options, if available, are cattails. The report also explains that acorns from oak trees are edible and easy to stockpile, and pine nuts and grass are also good choices.

A full list of other reports is available on the Patch Up Products website.

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