Best College Grant Application Service For Chicago High School Student-Athletes

Oct 11, 2022

For as long as you’ve remembered, you’ve dreamed of attending college as a student-athlete. The thing is, until now, as a junior in high school, you never realized how daunting and expensive the undertaking really is. Thankfully, College Planning Experts is here to help!

Best College Grant Application Service For Chicago High School Student-Athletes

The team of professionals at College Planning Experts has over ten years of experience supporting thousands of students like you. They are on a mission to help you simplify the college grant application process and fulfill your dream while accruing as little debt as possible.

To learn more, attend a free college planning workshop now:

As you probably know, the cost of a college education continues to rise across the United States. College Planning Experts specializes in simplifying the process and is more committed than ever to helping Chicago families find fully funded grants for student-athletes like you.

The new grant application assistance is suited for you if you are currently a high school junior and student-athlete whose parents make under 100K a year. The team of professionals at College Planning Experts has the insight and experience necessary to help you understand the entire grant application process, including award letters and conditions.

Grant application assistance can help you get access to the funding you need to make your dream of a college education possible, and affordable. There is so much funding out there, for example, The U.S. Department of Education alone plans to award over $2.6 billion to students by the end of this year.

The specialists at College Planning Experts are committed to providing you with the resources necessary to be a frontrunner for the funding you need, including the most competitive grants. They will find the best options for funding and develop strategies to increase chances of success.

In addition to grant application services, the organization provides career assessments, college admissions guidance, educational teaching opportunities, and scholarship fundraising assistance. Online and in-person workshops for you and your parents are also available. You can learn how to navigate the college admissions process and scholarship applications, and acquire the necessary funding and support for college planning.

The California-based company was founded in 2004 by Brian Safdari and has served over 5,000 high school students and their parents. Every employee at College Planning Experts is passionate about helping students realize their dream of graduating from college on time, with minimal debt.

A spokesperson for the organization said: “When you team up with College Planning Experts, we’ll give you the competitive edge that can only be offered by people who spend all day, every day, working to find ways to help students achieve their college aspirations.”

Don’t spend another minute overwhelmed by the enormous task of applying to college and seeking financial assistance to achieve your dreams. The time is now to move confidently toward your pursuit of higher education.

Go to for the expert assistance you need to simplify and streamline the college grant application process today!

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