Best Bourbon Beans Coffee From Papua New Guinea: Medium Roast With Fruit Tones

Dec 14, 2022

Well, since it’s Christmas, you should probably know why Dancer and Dasher love coffee so much they’ll probably take some of yours to go on Christmas eve. Yep, it’s because they are Santa’s Star Bucks! Experience Boss Brew Coffee today!

Best Bourbon Beans Coffee From Papua New Guinea: Medium Roast With Fruit Tones

When you think of Papua New Guinea, you might conjure up images of headhunters and cannibals - and you’re not wrong! But that tradition died out, so to speak, quite a while ago. Think of it this way - it gives your coffee that extra hint of exoticism!

Boss Brew Coffee has extended its range of premium roasts with the introduction of a medium coffee from Papua New Guinea with a caramel, honey, and fruit taste profile typical of the region. This roast comes from the Bourbon and Typica varietals, known for producing excellent cups of coffee with lemon and floral flavors and a pleasing aftertaste.

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The coffee products roaster and e-retailer now ships this fresh A/X-certified roast, originating from small agricultural cooperatives in Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea to customers like you across the United States. Grown at 1350 meters and fully washed and dried in the sun, the Papua New Guinea roast is available as whole beans in 12 oz, 1 lb, 2 lb, and 5 lb packages. Since freshness is critical for any coffee enthusiast - the aroma and flavor that are hidden inside green coffee beans are released during roasting - Boss Brew only roasts the coffee after you place an order. This guarantees that you enjoy the best coffee-tasting experience possible.

In 1937, seeds from Jamaica's celebrated Blue Mountain region were transported to Papua New Guinea - and so began the country’s coffee industry. Modern Papua New Guinea coffees have flavor profiles that still carry similarities to the more traditional Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. A fine New Guinea coffee features a play of mild and mellow flavors that produce a bright and clean taste. Many of the coffees from this region are high in oils and have a robust body similar to many Indonesian coffees - making them ideal for use in a steel-filter drip coffee maker or a french press, which lets the natural oils and flavors stand out.

Boss Brew Coffee currently features 43 varieties of roasts, including single origin, flavored, and blended varieties - from Nicaraguan and Tanzanian to seasonal specials like Candy Cane, a minty vanilla concoction intended to remind you of being a kid on Christmas and described as a ‘complete winner’ by one buyer.

The company also sells high-end and specialized coffee equipment, mugs, and accessories. Its stylish Automatic Espresso drip coffee maker features a 1.2L capacity tank - for 5-10 cups, promising more coffee in less time for family and friends.

One customer commented: “Wonderful company and would certainly suggest to friends and family. Boss Brew carries many options for the perfect holiday gift to anyone. Love their products.”

Try the New Guinea medium roast for something different and you'll re-order for its sumptuous, multi-dimensional taste!

Go to and treat your friends and family this Christmas to the unrivaled taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee goodness!

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