Best Bonus Support For The Plan By Dan Hollings – Extra Student/Graduate Help

Mar 24, 2022

Generate revenue with crypto using a hands-off approach, and a proven plan. This extra set of bonus support features can help you to earn money even while you’re sleeping, with help from other students and graduates of The Plan.

Best Bonus Support For The Plan By Dan Hollings - Extra Student/Graduate Help

New research has suggested that only 52% of students graduating from high school have acceptable math grades.

It's probably safe to say that I'm part of the 34% who are struggling with it.

Luckily, you don't need math nearly as much as your teachers claim you will (and actually I had excellent grades,) and you definitely don't need great math skills to make money with crypto - especially not with The Plan, where robots do all the hard work for you.

In a world where cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular for online transactions and investments, you may feel as though you are being left behind, with no knowledge of how it works, or how you can benefit. The Plan launched by Dan Hollings is a training course that teaches new to expert users how they can generate revenue with cryptocurrency, using a hands-off approach.

Visit to learn how you can generate revenue with crypto, hands-off.

The new extra support package launched by a graduate of The Plan, Regina, includes a “no student left behind” policy that aims to help every user attain their goal, with hands-on extra help whenever necessary. This includes personal direct contact to have your questions answered, without having to wait days or weeks for email responses.

Many students of The Plan ask the same questions and face the same difficulties, so the extra features also include access to a small Facebook community that has the answers you need. This community comprises other students of varying skill levels, so you can help each other find solutions to common problems.

Graduates of The Plan who are enrolled in the extra support program will also be invited to a second Facebook community, only available to graduates. In this community, you will find expert tips and advice from skilled traders, and information about the best tools available online for generating revenue with crypto.

While many students may learn through recorded video training, informative articles, or text messages, sometimes a private video call is the best method to find solutions. The extra features package will include a Zoom call of up to 30 minutes, where you can receive any personal in-depth answers or training you require.

The entire set of extra features is on top of the traditional package for training with The Plan, which includes 6 training sessions, live Q&A calls, comprehensive instructions, and e-mail support. Students will also receive access to a PDF copy of One Coin, Two Coin, What Coin? Bitcoin! Crypto for Grownups Made As Easy As Child’s Play by Dan Hollings.

A satisfied student said, “I was nervous to do The Plan when I first saw it being presented. So pleased I went with Regina, she took the time to talk to me and be active in the group, and give that very personal touch.”

You don't need to be a crypto expert, a math whiz, or an elite investor to earn money with crypto, you just need a plan. The Plan has all the training, tips, tricks, and knowledge to set you on the right path, and the extra support features from former student Regina can help to keep you there.

Visit to find out about the best bonus package available for students of The Plan.

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