Best Beverly Hills Sushi Bar Event Caterers For Sashimi, Nigiri, & Maki Counters

Planning your next corporate or private event in Beverly Hills? Want your guests to have an unforgettable catering experience? Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production (818-481-1297) brings a Japanese gastronomic tour-de-force to your Los Angeles party. Elevate your special event with our expert sushi chefs.

Move over charcuterie boards and sandwiches; if you want to wow your guests with the freshest cuisine, catering creativity, and exotic presentation, nothing says style and flavor quite like a sushi bar!

Whether for an intimate gathering or a large-scale celebration, Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production gives your guests the most authentic and interactive VIP sushi experience in Beverly Hills.

With its catering service, you'll get a delightful live station and an assortment of delicious sushi crafted by talented chefs.

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Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production specializes in weddings, corporate events, real estate open houses, product launches, bar and bat mitzvah parties, and more!

The company's catering packages start with the Basic Experience. This includes various house rolls such as California, rainbow, caterpillar, Alaskan, and red dragon varieties, together with hand rolls. Enjoy a selection of salmon, white tuna sashimi, and nigiri - hand-molded rice topped with raw fish or seafood typically garnished and seasoned with vinegar.

For expanded choice, you can opt for Yooshi Sushi's VIP Experience - the caterer's most popular package. In addition to the basic menu, this experience includes albacore and Hamachi fish and fresh tempura made onsite with vegan options.

You can personalize your VIP package with exotic upgrades such as Masago Uzura (smelt roe with raw quail egg), sashimi tacos, tuna tartar, black rice, and seaweed salad.

Both the company's packages provide guests with two hours of unlimited sushi. Two chefs can serve up to 100 guests, with the services of additional chefs for every 100 extra guests.

In addition to its sushi packages, Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production offers a Seared Sashimi Experience where chefs prepare and sear albacore and white tuna in front of guests. This upgrade can be added to a station or booked individually. You can also order a selection of platters for events at smaller venues.

Zad Youshei founded Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production, which provides clients with authentic and memorable Japanese dining experiences.  The catering company brings unrivaled creativity with their Kosher sushi experiences routinely serving the communities and businesses in Beverly Hills, as well as West Hollywood, Glendale, Pasadena, and the surrounding areas. Discover a refreshing new sushi bar experience that pays homage to Japanese culinary tradition.

For spectacular sushi catering in Beverly Hills, call Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production today at 818-481-1297 or visit

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