Best Auto Body Team Near McCord Bend Straightens Unibody Frames After Collision

Jul 10, 2023

Been in a car crash? Let Hudson Collision (417-357-6170), the best auto body shop in Aurora, MO and around, take care of your vehicle! Whether it’s just a dent or major damage, they will fix it in no time!

Everyone who's been in a car crash can agree on one thing: it's really stressful. Not only is it shocking and scary when it happens, but the aftermath of dealing with insurance and repairing your car could be a full-time job.

That's why I'm happy to tell you about this experienced auto body repair shop bear McCord Bend. At Hudson's Collision, they handle everything from glass replacements to advanced unibody frame straightening, with tender love and care.

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Imagine your car's frame like a human's skeleton. It holds everything together and provides support. When it gets injured, it needs precise and delicate treatment. Hudson Collision Center's certified technicians are your car surgeons: they use state-of-the-art technology to patch your beloved wagon back to normal. They are experts in restoring and straightening unibody frames: a procedure that should only be trusted with the best in the industry!

What's all this fuss about unibody frames, and why is it so complicated? You see, cars are made with unibody construction, meaning the body and frame are like one solid piece. Repairing damage to these frames is a delicate balance between brute force and not doing any damage. According to Garage Plug, an international automotive service provider, unibody frame repairs are among the most complex. Yet, there is an even more difficult repair: "The most challenging out of all the repair processes is the straightening of twisted frames. Only specialized auto body repair shops with skilled technicians and equipment can do such repairs."

Hudson Collision's unibody frame & straightening service is focused on restoring your vehicle's frame to its original condition using specialized equipment from ProBSE. The service encompasses the repair of full frame damage while ensuring the vehicle's integrity is uncompromised.

But they don't just treat cars. When you work with Hudson's Collision, you can expect to be treated like royalty as well. Have you ever experienced the nagging pain of dropping your vehicle off for repairs and having no ride back? This auto body shop has got your back with its pick-up & delivery service. You drop off your vehicle, and voila, a rental car awaits you like a noble steed. Once the work is finished, just drop off the rental at the shop. They'll take it from there!

Hudson's Collision has served the Aurora area for generations, dealing not only with auto body and collision repair but also with dents, scratches, and hail repair, as well as auto body painting.

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