Best Affordable Gold IRA Options 2022 | Top Precious Metal Broker Expert Reviews

May 10, 2022

The financial experts at Gold IRA Etc. have reviewed the top precious metal brokers in 2022, with comprehensive details on several popular and affordable options for new investors.

Best Affordable Gold IRA Options 2022 | Top Precious Metal Broker Expert Reviews

Years ago I bought the rights to a small gold claim near the mountains.

I never really thought I'd end up rich, but it was disappointing how little gold I actually found.

After several years of digging, I finally discovered a small amount of the precious metal.

You could say it was a miner success.

Thankfully, there are much better ways of getting gold than digging it up yourself, and it comes with a quality guarantee.

In 2022, market volatility became a constant source of concern for many investors, with declines in the NASDAQ and crypto markets becoming a regular occurrence. Gold IRA Etc. has created a new guide to help you transition to stable precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Visit to read the complete guide to the best precious metals brokers of 2022.

Diversifying investments or savings is common advice from most financial experts, and Gold IRA Etc. makes it easier to add precious metals to your portfolio by comparing the top brokers in their new comprehensive guide. Though the guide does list one broker as being the top choice of Gold IRA Etc. experts, each of the brokers has pros and cons, as well as specialties, which can be found in the detailed reviews.

For millennia, gold has been seen as the primary symbol of wealth, and today the United States has over 8,000 metric tons, giving it the largest gold reserve of any country. With the top brokers chosen by Gold IRA Etc, you can store your own gold at home or have larger investments kept in secure depositories.

The top precious metals brokers listed in the guide can help new investors to diversify their portfolios with gold or other popular precious metals at affordable rates. Data gathered between 1999 and December 2019 shows that gold has been providing average returns of 9.6%, before reaching a high of nearly 25% in 2020.

Gold IRA Etc. experts have chosen GoldCo as their top recommendation, with nearly two decades of experience helping customers to diversify their retirement savings. Their team can help you to set up a new IRA, or rollover your investment from an existing IRA.

The in-depth guide suggests four different brokers for precious metals and provides comprehensive details about the strengths and weaknesses of each company. While GoldCo is the top pick, it may not be the best match for all investing styles.

A spokesperson for the company said, “There is a long list of excellent gold IRA companies available that can assist you with your investment plans. We understand the task of finding the right firm for you can be quite daunting, so we have provided some direction to help narrow down your choices in the marketplace.”

It's no surprise that gold and other precious metals are still considered one of the most stable investment options with a good return rate. Don't waste your time trying to mine it yourself though, use this comprehensive guide to the best affordable brokers, and find the right company to match your investing needs.

Visit to read the full guide from Gold IRA Etc.

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