Become Qualified To Facilitate Breathwork Workshops With This Training Course

Dec 2, 2023

Are you eager to lead your very own NeuroDynamic Breathwork workshop? Sign up for NeuroDynamic Institute’s latest training program, which begins on March 2, 2024! But you’d best hurry; sessions are limited to 34 people, so secure your spot while you still can!

When it comes to something as deep as breathwork, there’s no end to the learning - no end to the growth. And if you’ve experienced NeuroDynamic Breathwork, you’re well on your way to unlocking your true potential already.

NeuroDynamic Institute lets you take that a step further. With their breathwork facilitator training program, you can take the reins on a NeuroDynamic Breathwork workshop. In just six months, the experts at NeuroDynamic Institute will teach you all there is to know to help others take the transformative journey that you once did. Whether it’s online or in-person workshops you want to lead, this course will equip you for everything - and more!

To teach is to learn, and to learn is to teach. Visit to learn more!

All-Inclusive Breathwork Training

Like previous iterations of the program, the latest version of the training course features a comprehensive 350-hour curriculum that covers key topics in breathwork facilitation. This includes the basics of breathwork, key facilitator skills, designing suitable music sets, professional marketing and planning strategies, and public communication, among other facets of running a successful workshop.

The course will focus primarily on founder Michael Stone’s highly acclaimed NeuroDynamic Breathwork, a method with foundations in neuroscience. Facilitators of this unique modality guide breathers without directly interfering with the process, with the goal of strengthening individual practitioners’ neural pathways. 

And people love this modality. Many breathers report that it was effective in connecting them with their inner guidance and creativity - far more so than any other form of breathwork.

By the way, Stone, who has led over 1,000 live breathwork workshops to date, is returning to the program as one of the core teachers, and you will be given the opportunity to work directly with him during training sessions. Imagine being able to get personal coaching from a veteran! You won’t have to imagine it if you sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

The Power of Consciousness

As NeuroDynamic Institute believes that personal development is vital for effective breathwork facilitation, a third of their training program will also focus on deepening your self-awareness. 

This section of the program will be led by expert Fractal Paradigm practitioner Saemi Nakamura. Notice how all the teachers are experts? That’s why you know you’ll be getting top-notch instruction. As for the specifics, Nakamura will teach you how to take responsibility for your emotions and use them as tools for growth, understand and connect to your “Inner Child,” and decode unconscious thinking patterns. 

Becoming more aware of these aspects of the self will prevent your personal issues from influencing participants in a breathwork workshop, enhancing the experience for all. You may even discover a resolution to some personal problems you didn’t know how to face before. Wouldn’t that be nice?

NeuroDynamic Institute’s Goal

The launch of the course goes in line with NeuroDynamic Institute’s mission of allowing as many people as possible to reap the benefits of breathwork. 

A satisfied student said: “This program exceeded my expectations. You’ll find yourself widening your scope of knowledge, learning effective ways to be a NDB facilitator, gaining professional tools, and most importantly, gaining inner peace, love, and empowerment.”

Many other alumni share similar tales of how this program changed their lives for the better, allowed them to re-examine their goals, and improved their interpersonal relationships with the people around them, on top of learning about some really neat tools of the trade in breathwork facilitation. The creators of this course really went all in to make sure you’d get the most out of it!

So, what are you waiting for? Start the next step in your transformational journey today. Visit to get started!

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