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May 30, 2023

TestPro is the proud online engineering school of the popular QA Engineer Course. We help anyone – literally ANYONE – learn the basics of IT so that they can earn up to $50/hour.

You’ve got what it takes to join the IT industry! As long as you have the passion to learn and the grit to succeed, you’re already more than qualified to start an exciting new career as a QA Analyst.

And guess what? You don’t need previous (or any) experience! We’ll teach you.

With revenue in the IT services market projected to reach $412 billion in 2022, experts note an increased need for IT professionals all around the world. Still, for the older generation, the thought of anything “technology” might send shivers down their spine.

Does this sound like you? No problem.

Aware of this, our team at TestPro has improved our QA Engineer Course to include lectures that can be understood even if you have no prior knowledge.

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Our curriculum takes into consideration today’s economy. According to emerging data, many Baby Boomers do not have enough money to fully commit to and enjoy their retirement. One solution would be to re-enter the workforce - but for many, the prospect may be daunting, especially in choosing which industry to join.

IT is a rapidly expanding and growing industry. With more jobs opening for QA Analysts, Boomers are encouraged to try their hand in this exciting new industry.

To make the transition easier, we offer a simple yet practical program for IT beginners. Our QA Engineer Course is a virtual class for people with no IT experience. The 8-week course includes everything that you need to start earning $45/hour after graduation. This includes theory, practice with real projects, resume, interview prep, and mentorship.

We provide you with real tools and techniques that tech companies actually want. At the end of our program, you will also receive free career services, including assistance in finding a job with an average compensation of around $30-50/hour.

We are an IT educational school for the everyday person. We are considered one of the best boot camps in the United States specializing in Software Testing and Quality Assurance - both in Manual and Automation (SDET) Testing. We were made by QA Analysts who want to help others pursue their new careers, whether they’re just starting out or are already of age.

Remember: you’re never too old to learn new things. Join our program today if you want to learn everything you need to know about IT.

A graduate of the course wrote, "I am liking the course workflow. The course materials are well distributed in small chunks. I think I am absorbing the information much faster and learning what I need to know the right way."

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