Become A Franchisee And Operate Your Own Youth Sports League In Your Community

Dec 7, 2021

Looking to make a difference in your community? Consider owning your own sports league and have a positive impact on the youth. Become a Premier Sports Leagues franchisee and we will help you get started and support you to grow your new sports business.

Premier Sports Leagues is looking for community minded business partners across Canada. We have launched our new sports franchise model to introduce youth to newer, affordable sports.

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Our franchise offers local want-to-be entrepreneurs a proven business platform, tools, resources, and training necessary to establish and run their own successful organized sports league in their community.

Today there are many organized youth sports programs that fall short of player expectations, which has been drawing criticism from parents. The biggest challenges for these type sports organization is high volunteer turnover, lack of leadership accountability and the fostering of cultures that prioritize “winning at all costs” or elite athlete development at the expense, in most cases, of the less technical skilled players.

Changing a behemoth sports organization is a massive undertaking. One possible solution is to create a newer version of sports leagues that address the shortcomings within today’s youth sports organizations.

We have done just that! We have intentionally chosen the well known platform of franchising to expand our business. Franchising is not new to sports with most of the semi pro and professional sports teams being franchises operating under a single governing body. Where these franchise operations generate revenue primarily through ticket sales and TV rights, our Premier Sports Leagues franchise owners/ operators generate revenue through player registrations in their leagues, tournaments and sports programs similar to our lesser efficient counterparts.

Our new business model for organized youth sports holds our community franchise owners/ operators to being more accountable for the quality and consistency in the delivery of their sports products and services. Furthermore, they are held to standards and training protocols within their agreements and our operations manuals that ensures every child is provided a safe, inclusive and a respectful environment of play and they are given equal opportunity to compete. The end result is that players have a better sports experience.

Our franchisees have a long term vested interest in meeting the needs of their players and the expectations of their parents. So, while franchisees conduct their sports leagues, tournaments and sports programs within their respective communities, we continue to support them by providing updated and innovative equipment, training, ongoing marketing, operation processes and administrative support to ensure their sports products and services are up to the standards as advocated by today’s youth sports experts and psychologists, and quite frankly for the best interest of their youth.

We have chosen sports that are known to be more safe, easier to learn and play yet challenging enough to benefit the youth health and wellness needs. These comprise of internationally played, lesser known sports that do not come with preconceived expectation of players nor the hype from professional player profiles. Additionally, our sports are affordable and do not require early development or specialized training to play thus making them more accessible to a wider range of youth regardless of their age or ability.

With the launch of our new franchise model, our goal is to bring our vision for quality organized youth sports across Canada to foster a sports culture for youth to learn new sports, develop competency, build confidence, be given more autonomy and to acquire better life skills overall.

Premier Sports Leagues was founded to provide a healthier alternative to the current organized youth sports market. Our company is on a mission to find the RIGHT partner in local communities across Canada so we can reach more and more youth with these newer sports and provide a more enjoyable playing atmosphere. If you are looking for information about this Premier Sports Leagues franchise opportunity you can find out more at

As our President has stated time and time again: “Our franchisees have skin in the game and are passionate about providing sports programs that are fun, meaningful and have a long term positive impact on the youth.”

If you are interested you can find more information by visiting our website:

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