Beat The Bookies & Win Regular Monthly Betting Income With Andrew David

Feb 15, 2020

Do you want to learn how to make guaranteed income from beating the UK betting bookies? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve all been there, having a punt on the football or the races and trying to win. But what if you could follow a proven system to earn £900 extra income every month with ease?

That’s what’s on offer here with the new betting masterclass from Andrew David. He’s a UK betting specialist and his Quick-Fire Betting Profits program is designed to help you win reliably.

It offers insiders key strategies to match their lifestyle, earn side income, and regularly make money from betting using proven techniques. Get involved today and see how much you could win!

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The newly launched training program is run by Andrew David, a renowned betting expert who has been making profits since 1991. His approach utilizes a unique method where he uses bookies own information against them to make low-risk betting plays every week.

Now, with the launch of his new program, he’s looking to take interested parties under his wing. Anyone can sign up for his betting masterclass and discover how to make reliable income on autopilot.

Andrew David explains that for over 20 years he’s made more money from the UK betting industry than many people have from their 9-5 jobs.

He achieves his results by using bookies tricks against them, and finding low-risk betting options. Meanwhile, he trades bets off against each other on betting exchanges where he calls the shots.

His success has helped him to make a name for himself helping others to succeed with their own betting campaigns. Now he’s launching his new masterclass to help others enjoy as much success as him.

Anyone signing up to the program will learn how free information provided by Skybet Bookmakers can land them £100 to £200 profit from Betfair every month.

Participants will also learn how to profit from draws in football, how to spot unusual betting patterns, and how to make easy profits from long-term novelty markets.

The method behind the program is to do the opposite of what the bookies want, and behave in a way that’s the opposite of how most punters behave.

He states: “Bookmakers are there to take your money. They’re not there to provide people with a living. They invest a lot of money and expertise in finding ways to attract new punters and take the lion’s share of their cash. This is why you need to be suspicious whenever you’re offered generous or special enhanced Odds or Terms.”

Full details of the new betting training program can be found at:

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