Beard Oil Reviews: Da’Beard Oil vs. Huntsman Beard Co. Comparison

Dec 21, 2020

A comparison between Huntsman Beard Co. and Da’Beard oil to determine which is the best beard oil.

Find out which beard oil will take the winning title in this ultimate showdown product review.

Two of the leading product brands for men’s beard oil are manufactured by Da’ Dude and Huntsman Beard Co. And while loyal customers swear that their preferred product is the most effective between the two brands, we decided to put both products to the test by applying each one properly As a result, we aim to see which one is worthy of holding the title of being the “Best Beard Oil.”

The Packaging

Starting off with Da' Dude's packaging. The glass bottle is simple yet classy and radiates a high-end quality. The bottle comes equipped with a pipette at the top that allows you to easily extract the bottle's oil. On the other hand, the Huntsman Beard Co product comes snug in a modern carrier that holds the glass bottle. The bottle itself is dark and made of high-quality glass and comes with a pipette. For us, we are going to give this round to the Huntsman Beard Co.

The Scent

The scent of beard oil is essential as you are putting it directly under your nose, and the customer will have to smell the product whether they want to or not. The scent of the Huntsman Beard Co is marketed as smelling like a forest and gives off a smell of eucalyptus, with hints of pine and cedar. The scent itself is quite strong and overpowering. Surprisingly, the Da' Dude beard oil is unscented, which we like, because it will not clash with any cologne scents that the customer is wearing. This round depends entirely on the customer's preference, so we are leaving it as a tie.

The Product

This is undoubtedly the most crucial round of all, the product itself. Starting off with the Huntsman Beard Co, the packaging states that you are to use anywhere from 4 to 8 drops of oil per usage, depending on your beard's thickness. Immediately we were surprised at how thick and heavy the oil was. It left the skin feeling tacky after the application. On the other hand, the Da' Dude beard oil was a lot lighter and absorbed into the skin effortlessly and didn't leave a greasy look as the Huntsman Beard Co did. Da' Dude beard oil is the clear winner product-wise for this round. 

The Ingredients

Here is the ingredient breakdown of each product:

Huntsman Beard Co Beard Oil

·      Jojoba grape seed

·      Castor oil

Da’ Dude Beard Oil

·      Jojoba grape seed

·      Argan oil

·      Safflower oil

Both products have great ingredients in their products. However, we like how Da' Dude is anti-aging. And in beard oil, it positively adds to the overall product, so we are giving this round to Da' Dude.

The Price Point

The final round for this product review is the price point. The Huntsmen Beard Co charges $8.95 for a 30ml bottle of product, whereas Da' Dude charges $12.95 for a 50ml bottle. Although the Huntsman Beard Co comes in excellent packaging, Da' Dude is offering more products, which in our view is a better deal when it comes to affordability.

The Winner

We are giving the title spot to Da’ Dude’s beard oil. The product is efficient and moisturizing on the skin. We also love that it is anti-aging and unscented. And the overall price point to product ratio is absolutely perfect.  - available on the company's own website

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