Avoid Speeding Tickets With This 360 Degree 5-Mile Detector For Added Peace Of Mind While Driving

Oct 4, 2018

Rocky Mountain Radar has announced their new police radar detection unit. The product is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to get caught speeding, warning of police radar when it’s nearby.

Rocky Mountain Radar has announced a new, effective and affordable police radar detection unit, The Judge 2.0. With Early Warning Discriminator and Traffic Sensor Rejection, the Judge 2.0 is ideal for anybody that wants to prevent getting caught speeding, as it alerts users to the presence of police radar when they are nearby.

More information can be found at: https://rockymountainradar.com

Customers will find that there are a wide range of police radar detection units on the market in this day and age, however the Judge 2.0 works incredibly well when compared to other, similar items.

This is because the EWD (Early Warning Discriminator) and the TSR (Traffic Sensor Rejection) work alongside one another to prevent false alarms. This works by eliminating signals which can be transmitted by safety sensors on some new vehicles, meaning customers can rest assured that when an alert comes through on the Judge 2.0, it is a true alert, and not false.

In addition to this, customers will see that there are multiple band selections which can be customized. For instance, there is the selection of X-band on or off, K-band on or off, Ka-band on or off, Laser detection on or off, K wide and K narrow selection, as well as Ka wide nad Ka narrow selection as well.

Coupled with the super clear OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, customers will find it incredibly easy to select and customize which bands they want on or off. The display itself is very clear and easily visible in all lighting conditions, meaning customers can stay focussed on the road and easily see the screen when needed.

As well as the selection of bands, and the clear screen, customers will find that the Judge 2.0 features full 360 degree radar and laser detection. The detection works up to 5 miles, and detects all bands and frequencies used by the police using micro-scan.

This means that the detector can scan up to 4 times faster than any other detector on the market, giving a 100% chance of detecting POP radar.

Full details of the product can be found on the URL above.

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