Automate Lead Generation With Personalized B2B Email Ads: Improve Conversion

Feb 22, 2024

Are you tired of cold emailing potential customers and getting turned away, or worse, getting no response? With Kalendar AI, the whole process is made much easier – with automated emails based on prospect interests!

Kalendar AI is the ideal tool if you want to improve conversion because it takes all the hassle out of the cold email process. You can use personalized email ads to get more meetings, booked calls, and ultimately more sales!

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Automate your cold email outreach

The platform is designed for sales teams, sign-up experts, and CRM marketers looking to optimize their outreach approach. You can create your own AI agents, and generate accurate customer information - including phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles - through a fully automated prospecting process.

According to research by Backlinko, email personalization can increase click-through rates by 28%. Kalendar AI capitalizes on this potential by creating customized pitches for each prospect. You start by building an AI agent and selecting both an industry and industry type to target, and the AI assistant then handles contacting relevant prospects from a database of over 300 million businesses and options.

Warm your list with custom messaging

One of the main features of the software is its capacity to generate ad slots using an AI-warmed email network, allowing you to connect with the right audience and avoid spam filters. The agents themselves are equipped with natural language processing capabilities to create personalized content based on the preferences and interests of each target customer.

The agents can create custom emails to pitch your company’s product or service, and the content is adapted for every individual recipient to increase engagement.

Massively boost conversion

The team has found its AI-powered advertising results in conversion rates up to 10 times higher than traditional methods. The agents excel at booking meetings and driving sign-ups for waitlists, which is achieved by optimizing the timing, personalization, and targeting of every email.

You can arrange for demonstrations to test the platform for yourself, with pricing starting at five AI agents per month.

One recent customer said: “This is personalized cold email outreach on a mass scale - you can book meetings on your calendar and use personalizing cold emailing on a large scale while landing in the inbox.”

Automated prospecting and cold email outreach are some of the most powerful ways you can use to implement AI in your business.

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