Auto Security Systems with SmartWatch Enabled Features is on the rise!

Nov 1, 2016

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Many publications in recent times have questioned the need for a security system or car alarm on a modern vehicle. However, the crime statistics offer a compelling argument to the contrary. Perhaps this is the reason why the number car stereo shops in Miami and other metropolitan areas has stayed consistent. A report published by the FBI on September of 2015 stated that police agencies reported 8,277,829 crimes including motor vehicle thefts in the twelve-month period before the report.

Car alarms, in general, have a reputation for being annoying and a well-documented history of malfunctioning. At the same time, car manufacturers have done a very good job addressing some of the most obvious problems in regards to vehicle theft in the USA. Features like an intrusion alarm and engine disabling are pretty much the standard. As a matter fact, the great majority of vehicles on the market today are equipped with RFID keys; also known as transponder keys. This type of key is equipped with a small chip containing a code or PIN that must correspond with the one on the vehicle in order to get it running.

The technology has done away with would be thieves who can run to the local hardware store and make copies of the keys. However, it has done little to keep windows from getting smashed or wheels and tires worth several thousands of dollars from getting stolen; many time, right at the dealership.

Luis Duarte owns a Miami car alarm shop (Car-Alarm-Miami.Com) and has seen a substantial increase in business from vehicle owners of brands not often seen at car alarm and car stereo shops. More and more owners of Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and other luxury cars are looking at their options when it comes to protecting their vehicles, and automotive security companies are listening!

Directed Electronics, maker of the Clifford and Viper car alarm systems, among others, is now offering a wide range of products that caters to this segment of the market. Unlike car alarm of the 90s, these systems offer both SmartPhone and SmartWatch control capability that go beyond locking, unlocking, popping the truck or remote starting the vehicle. They extend functionality that allows the owner to locate the vehicle from almost anywhere and even trigger an alert when the vehicle visits certain areas or travel above a preset speed.

For more information on the Viper or Clifford SmartStart with Smart GPS contact Car-Alarm-Miami.Com at 786.558.8848 or visit Clifford.Com for a list of authorized dealers.

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