Auto Paint And Headlight Restoration Now In Auburn And Roseville

Mar 26, 2020

Your car deserves a makeover—get the best paint restoration for sedans, sports cars, and trucks at Ballistic Detailing of Auburn, CA today!

Over time, California’s brilliant sunshine can take a toll on your car’s paint, making it look dull and faded. Hard water marks, bird dropping corrosion, scratches, micro-abrasions, and other defects can leave your car or truck looking older than it is and lower its resale value.

Paint restoration is an affordable and effective way to return your car to pristine condition. If you’re looking for paint restoration services done right, contact Auburn, CA auto detailing company Ballistic Detailing. The company has launched headlight and paint restoration services across the Greater Sacramento area.

Ballistic Detailing specializes in a two-stage paint refurbishment that involves compounding—the process of removing abrasions and scratches—and polishing. The auto detailing experts in Auburn are experienced in paint restoration for all domestic and imported cars and trucks.

The company offers interior and exterior detailing, window tinting, and ceramic coating services. As a full-service detailing company, Ballistic Detailing employs paint restoration experts who evaluate your car, truck, boat, aircraft, or RV, match paint shades, and patiently restore it panel by panel.

The company offers specialized paint restoration for roadsters, sports cars, and SUVs with or without ceramic coating for added protection.

Ballistic Detailing was founded in 1991 in Orange County and is a full-service local auto detailing showroom in Auburn. The company is headed by Jason Mentas and provides detailing services for cars, trucks, aircraft, boats, and RVs. 

In a statement, Mentas states, “Our two-stage paint restoration services for auto owners in Auburn and Roseville uses proven techniques and materials to restore a vehicle’s original finish. My team and I take extra pride in making sure all the small details of your investment are protected with an appearance as amazing as the day you bought it.”

Give your car or truck an unbeatable makeover in Roseville, CA. Call 916-580-9738 or visit

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