features an interactive Parent Forum section where parents can get answers to questions and direct access to an Autism doctor

Jun 28, 2017 is a physician driven Autism Treatment membership website designed to assist parents implement protocols, get physician support and assist parents in recovering their children from Autism.

Parents of children on the autism spectrum already know how confusing, frightening and daunting it can be to try to implement therapies to reserve the effects of Autism. Knowing what to do first, second, third, and how to proceed with any Autism treatment can be overwhelming. Parents need as much support and patience, not only from friends and family, but from the child’s medical and educational professionals as well.

Dr. Kurt Woeller is an experienced Autism Specialist Physician who, after years of working one on one with parents in implementing biomedical protocols for children with Autism, decided to create a support tool that parents could access anytime--day or night--exactly when they most needed support and answers from a medical professional. While experiencing tremendous sucess with Autism treatment in private practice - patients were improving dramatically, and even recovering as a result of the biomedical protocols - treatment was limited to just one patient at a time, in person. There had to be a way to bring Autism treatment to more people across the world—and now, there is.

To better serve more people searching for methods of recovery from Autism, Dr. Woeller created a subscription based website, This website features a parent Autism training course, called Autism Recovery 101. The six-module course is a comprehensive step-by-step training program featuring videos to help parents implement biomedical autism treatment protocols through dietary changes, supplements, lab testing, and more. In additon to Autism Recovery 101, and what most parents find to be invaluable, is the parent forum section of the website. Moderated personally by Dr. Woeller, the Parent Forum allows parents to ask questions, detail experiences, and get answers directly from Dr. Woeller. The questions and answers are catalogued, so any website subscriber can access the information, day or night. Best of all, the website has a multi-language feature, so no matter the preferred language or geographical location, parents all over the world can interact via the Parent Forum.

Erin is a parent with a daughter on the Autism Spectrum.

“When my daughter was diagnosed with Autism 3 years ago I would have done anything to have something like this website to turn to. I spent the first year after my daughter was diagnosed researching anything and everything I could about autism. I didn’t find even a fraction of the information that is provided in this website. Everything is all right there, current research and therapies, the ability to talk with other parents dealing with the same struggles you face, and most importantly, direct contact with a caring doctor who has dedicated his career to treating Autistic children. Every parent should know about this wonderful service and get plugged in. It is an invaluble resource for parents and we are very thankful for it."

Erin is not alone. Hundreds of parents have turned to Autism Recovery System and implemented the protocols and biomedical autism information offered through the site. Not only have the protocols put their child on the road to improvement, but parents feel mentally and emotionally stronger dealing with the painful effects of autism.

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