Augmented Reality Technology Support Tools For FSO Blended Workforce Integration

Aug 8, 2023

Are you constantly looking for a way to manage outsourced field services even when you can’t be physically present? Blumberg Advisory Group has the answer! Just read its new report on the importance of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) support tools today!

Working in the field service industry may require you to outsource some services when you don’t have enough manpower available. However, this means you might have to deal with inefficient or inexperienced subcontractors.

What if there was a way to visually manage everything your subcontractors do without being physically present?

With Blumberg Advisory Group’s new report, you can learn how AR-powered tools from AR system developers like CareAR can help you provide technical support to the subcontractors handling various aspects of your operations.

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The TSIA Field Service 2022 benchmark report states that over 90 percent of field service technology companies outsource some necessary operations to third-party contractors at one point. It identifies inefficiency, inexperience, unproductivity, and lack of compliance with standard regulations as some of the critical problems related to outsourced field services.

According to Blumberg Advisory Group’s report, AR-powered tools will give you access to effective systems for remotely managing OEM and FSO technicians' operations through real-time video collaboration. This gets you a leg up when ensuring better monitoring of work output quality in your operations.

The report recommends advanced spatial orientation and virtual markers from AR tools as an effective way to deliver accurate visual representations in field services. This allows you to identify problems quickly and offer hands-on training to less experienced sub-contractors during service sessions.

Blumberg Advisory Group’s report points to the recent trend of blended workforce models, including full-time, permanent workforce, and subcontractor workers, as evidence of a growing need for AR tools. In cases where blended workforce models are used, you can adopt AR support tools to provide part-time and remote staff with similar infrastructures as their full-time in-office colleagues.

About the Company

Blumberg Advisory Group is a research and consulting firm that creates and implements strategic service solutions to promote the growth of companies in the field service industry. The company collaborates with CareAR to offer fully integrated AR solutions for several industries and organizations.

Managing outsourced field services just got easier. Read Blumberg Advisory Group’s new report to learn all about it today!

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