Atlanta Real Estate 3D Videography Solutions For Increased Listing Engagement

Nov 6, 2023

What stops Atlanta property buyers from choosing your competitors’ listings over yours? Attract visitors to your real estate website and listings with 3D tours and engaging drone footage produced by Home Photo Source.

What Makes Your Home Listing Attractive?

Real estate listings are getting a makeover. Gone are the days when a teaser photo of a home would generate interest. 96% of American property buyers use the internet to start their home search. And that means you need photos, video, audio, rich content and maybe even the kitchen sink! Today, the success of a home listing depends on what prospective buyers see - and make no mistake, they want to see it all.

As an agent, one of the best ways to zhuzh up your digital listings is to include drone video footage and 3D virtual tours. The goal, of course, is simple: lead generation. 3D virtual tours allow prospective buyers to explore a property long before they schedule a physical viewing. While this can save both you and your clients time, the value of a 'rich' listing is the impression it leaves on your viewers.

Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours

Most buyers want to 'experience' a home before they decide it's worth visiting, and the right mix of visuals creates an appealing 'teaser' of the property. A 3D tour can:

  • Increase engagement: 3D virtual tours are more engaging than traditional photos and videos. Potential buyers are more likely to spend time exploring a property with a 3D virtual tour, and they are also more likely to remember the property.
  • Qualify leads: 3D virtual tours can help you to qualify your leads. Potential buyers who are serious about a property will be more likely to take the time to explore it with a 3D virtual tour. This can save you time on wasted property viewings.
  • Close sales faster: Homes with 3D virtual tours sell faster than homes without them. According to research by Matterport, homes with 3D virtual tours sell, on average, 31% faster than homes without them.
  • Increase closing prices: Homes with 3D virtual tours also sell for higher prices. According to the same research by Matterport, homes with 3D virtual tours sold for, on average, between 4% and 9% higher prices than those without them.

Setting Up A 3D Virtual Tour

If you're interested in adding 3D virtual tours to your real estate listings, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Choose a reputable 3D virtual tour provider. There are many different 3D virtual tour providers out there. Will your provider customize the tour? Provide realistic lighting, schematic floor plans, and smooth navigation? Always ask for samples of their work.
  2. Schedule a videography session. Once you've chosen a 3D virtual tour provider, you'll need to schedule a videography session. The videographer will come to the property and film all of the rooms and spaces.
  3. Review the virtual tour. Once the videographer has finished filming, they will create a 3D virtual tour of the property. You'll have the opportunity to review the virtual tour and make any necessary changes.
  4. Add the virtual tour to your listings. Once you're happy with the virtual tour, you can add it to your real estate listings. Be sure to include the virtual tour link in all of your online and offline marketing materials.

Property Marketing: The Next Level

3D virtual tours are an investment that's immune to the law of diminishing returns - they just keep giving because they appeal to a viewer on multiple levels. They give a sense of what the property is, but more importantly, what it could be. That's why 3D virtual tours can help you increase engagement, qualify leads, close sales faster, and increase closing prices.

Home Photo Source: Your Source For 3D Tours & Drone Videography

If you're a real estate agent in the Atlanta area, contact Home Photo Source today to learn more about their 3D virtual tour services. Home Photo Source offers a variety of real estate videography packages based on your requirements and budget. They also offer a 24-hour turnaround time on all media projects, so your listings are always seen as premium listings.

Visit the Home Photo Source website to learn more and to schedule a videography session today!

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