Atlanta Dentist Google Autocomplete Optimization: High ROI Marketing Strategy

Mar 31, 2024

Now you can get more patients faster and for less money than with SEO, thanks to My Tooth Media’s new Google Autocomplete Optimization Program for dentists and orthodontists in Atlanta!

Efficient Patient Acquisition for Atlanta Dentists

One of the biggest challenges of running an independent dental practice is patient acquisition and retention. And as a busy dentist, you don't have the right set of skills or the time to market your clinic. The solution? My Tooth Media's dental marketing program, aimed at boosting your visibility and rankings to attract patients!

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The new Google Autocomplete Optimization Program was designed for dental professionals in Atlanta like yourself looking for time-efficient marketing strategies to grow your practices. All you need to do is request a specific search term you want to rank for, and My Tooth Media will handle the rest.

How Search Box Optimization Works

My Tooth Media utilizes SEO and SBO (Search Box Optimization) to have you appear in the droplist of autosuggestions on Google, Bing, and YouTube, making it look like these well-known search engines personally vouch for your practice. This strategy helps establish trust early in the patient acquisition cycle and drives buyer-intent traffic to your website.

"Through our Autocomplete-Optimization program, we harness the power of search box optimization to position your company name where everyone's attention is focused - the search box," a spokesperson for the company said. "When Google and Bing suggest your business, it naturally encourages customers to opt for your services based on what they see."

Speedy Results With SBO 

My Tooth Media says that the average time for SBO to be fully operational is 60-90 days but that you can expect to start seeing results after approximately 45 days. Compared to other strategies, like standalone SEO that takes up to 8 months or longer, this means that SBO has a much higher ROI.

When a potential patient clicks on the autosuggestion, they will see your practice appear in up to 10 of the top organic spots on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page). My Tooth Media will create blog posts, videos, social media posts, and more to spread awareness of your brand and educate target audiences.

Complement the Google Autocomplete Optimization Program With AI Tool

Additionally, My Tooth Media offers other marketing solutions, including the AI tool Saatchi, which automatically helps generate leads, with the potential of a 5-fold increase in conversion rates. Saatchi makes a good complement to the Google Autocomplete Optimization Program to attract and retain more patients efficiently.

"SBO gives you consistency - in results and costs. When considering your next step in online marketing, or even if you already utilize SEO or PPC, let us help you succeed in a far better, more profitable way," the company spokesperson said.

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