Atlanta Center Offers Stem Cell Infusions For Recovery After Shoulder Injury

Oct 13, 2022

The future of stem cell and regenerative medicine, Atlanta’s Springs Rejuvenation (407-780-5617), is proud to now be at the forefront of knee and shoulder injury recovery care.

Atlanta Center Offers Stem Cell Infusions For Recovery After Shoulder Injury

If you want to recover fully and quickly from a shoulder or knee injury, you need Springs Rejuvenation and their holistic, regenerative approach to healing.

The regenerative wellness clinic is now focusing on patients like yourself who are in need of joint and muscle pain relief and who are recovering from serious joint injuries. If you have recently suffered from a knee or shoulder injury, Springs Rejuvenation can create a recovery plan for you that includes stem cell infusions, integrated holistic treatments and ongoing lifestyle changes.

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The update to their treatments coincides with the medical community’s ongoing interest in stem cell therapy. As a recent article published by UT Southwestern’s medical faculty suggested, stem cells have proven so effective in some cases in encouraging the body’s natural healing process following injuries, that scientists are now investigating whether they can also improve degenerative conditions of the shoulder and knee, as well as the hip and spine.

As the scientific community continues to investigate the possibilities of stem cell therapy for physical ailments, Springs Rejuvenation believes that their process of infusions, combined with physical therapy and concrete lifestyle changes, can help you to achieve a long and healthy life.

The center is confident that the varied types of regenerative therapies they offer use cutting-edge techniques that can help you recover after your injury, increase your performance and endurance in sports and other physical activities, and, ultimately, improve your quality of life.

They believe their advanced procedures, which also include Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) treatments, targeted dry needling, and facet joint, epidural, and intradiscal injections, are useful if you have a recurrent injury, whether it owes to your age or to your rigorous sporting commitments.

Above all, they believe their holistic, regenerative approach is suitable for you if you simply want to feel your best.

Springs Rejuvenation is a focused regenerative therapy and stem cell infusions clinic based in Atlanta, Georgia, and with new branches in Austin, Fort Lauderdale, and, soon, New York City.

A spokesperson for the recovery and regenerative care center said, “Our purpose at Springs Rejuvenation is to assist you in feeling your best. We believe that enjoying life at peak performance and being pain-free should be a simple process. Getting you back to doing what you love most is our goal. Our industry-leading experts work with each patient to develop a customized approach, which includes cutting-edge lifestyle modification techniques.”

Don’t settle for a life of pain and injury when a better future awaits you at Springs Rejuvenation.

Visit to see how their expert clinicians can help you rejuvenate your body and help you feel your best.

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