Atlanta Brow Surgery Expert Explains Forehead Lift Risks & Complications

Oct 15, 2022

Top plastic surgeon Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole discusses the benefits and complications of brow lifts to help you decide if the popular procedure is a good fit for you.

Atlanta Brow Surgery Expert Explains Forehead Lift Risks & Complications

Whether you’re looking for a more alert, youthful look, or just want to get some wrinkles out of the way, you’ve probably considered brow surgery.

But is it safe? What are the complications? How long is the recovery time? Are there going to be permanent scars?

Dr. Harvey "Chip" Cole III, MD, FACS, Quadruple Board Certified Surgeon, has an answer to all your questions!

   •What are brow lifts good for?

Dr. Cole explains that brow surgeries are often used to correct wrinkles and frown lines, and improve vision issues.

   •Is the procedure safe?

The procedure is generally safe when performed by an experienced surgeon, with a relatively short recovery time and high rates of patient satisfaction.

   •Is it effective?

The efficiency of the procedure has been well documented. A long-term study published in the Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology has found that the overwhelming majority of patients who have undergone endoscopic brow surgery have reported satisfactory results after three years, with generally low complication rates.

   •What kind of brow lift is best for me?

To ensure that you make an informed decision, Dr. Cole recommends that you contact an experienced doctor for personalized guidance. There are multiple procedures available, depending on your needs and preferences. A medical study published in the European Journal of Plastic Surgery has found that “no specific type of browlift has been shown to be superior to another technique, since there is a wide variation in anatomy and preferences between patients, requiring an individual approach for each specific patient.”

   •Ok, but what’s the most popular kind of brow lift I can look into?

Endoscopic brow lifts are a popular option, explains Dr. Cole. They are performed with short, minimal incisions, with a camera-equipped fiber-optic lens attached to a computer screen for high precision. Due to the nature of the procedure there is no risk of permanent scarring, and recovery time is generally short. You can expect full recovery after as early as two weeks, with timelines varying based on a patient’s skin elasticity and other factors.


An experienced doctor with more than 35,000 successful surgeries and a #1 Amazon best-selling author, Dr. Cole continues to educate the general public on the risks and benefits of a variety of surgical procedures.

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