At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing Device With Expert Tips For Better Quality Rest!

Jul 4, 2024

Nervous about your sleep apnea test results? At Home Sleep Apnea Testing offers their guide to improving rest quality while you await results from the WatchPAT One, which can help assess your sleep apnea without making a trip to the lab.

You've already completed your sleep apnea test - now what? To help you get better rest and develop optimal sleep habits, the team at At Home Sleep Apnea Testing offers a practical guide.

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You'll find detailed information regarding ways to develop a healthy sleep schedule while waiting for sleep apnea test results, including limiting screen time prior to bed, making adjustments to your eating habits, creating a conducive sleep environment, and using mindfulness techniques to reduce stress.

With a focus on creating healthy sleep habits to support successful treatment for sleep apnea, the guide is perfect if you suspect you have sleep apnea, but have not yet had your diagnosis confirmed.

Develop Healthier Habits

Recent statistics from the National Council on Aging show that around 936 million adults around the world have mild to severe sleep apnea, which can lead to heart, kidney, and metabolic health complications if left untreated. To complement the at-home sleep apnea testing provided through the WatchPAT One device, the team of sleep experts at At Home Sleep Apnea Testing offer their guide to creating healthier sleep habits.

“While you’re awaiting test results, it’s natural to experience heightened stress and anxiety,” says a spokesperson. “The uncertainty that comes with waiting for important medical test results can take a toll on your sleep quality, which can negative impact your mental and physical health.”

Manage Your Stress

To support you while you wait for your WatchPAT One test results, the guide explains why sleep quality is important, in terms of stress management, optimal cognitive function, and physical well-being.

The guide offers step-by-step instructions for establishing a high-quality sleep routine, such as reading a book, taking a warm bath, or practicing meditation before bedtime. You'll also learn why it is important to avoid heavy or spicy foods before going to sleep.

Get Practical Sleep Tips

With a range of practical tips, the team also explains how to avoid clock-watching, limit naps, and engage in regular exercise to support better sleep quality while waiting for the results of the WatchPAT One test.

Finally, the guide offers access to professional support from the At Home Sleep Apnea Testing team, who are on hand to guide you through WatchPAT One testing and the results interpretation process.

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