Arizona Limited Liability Company Affordable Registration: Fast-Track Approvals

Mar 13, 2024

Just started a business? Feeling overwhelmed by the workload? Have a few less things to worry about by teaming up with BusinessRocket – all of your Arizona company registration approvals and renewals taken care of. Set up an LLC in less than 24 hours!

Launching a business in Arizona? Need some guidance on legal matters and registering your company as an LLC?

Get fast LLC approvals and a suite of enterprise support services from BusinessRocket! More details at

24-Hour Turnaround

The company simplifies the application and approval process for new small businesses, providing fast-tracked registration in as little as 24 hours. BusinessRocket's team of entrepreneurs, attorneys, enterprise consultants, and CPAs offer you expertise and advice in all aspects of business entity formation.

Free Consultation

Get in touch for a free consultation. The support team can talk you through any LLC application issues in real-time. Start the process by filling in a short form about your company via the BusinessRocket website.

Protect Yourself

The team can prepare and file all of the necessary documentation to attain LLC status. This type of business classification provides financial protection for owners and partners – eliminating personal liability for business debts – while providing pass-through taxation benefits.

Choose Your Package


You can choose from a range of packages depending on the level of support you require for the LLC process. The Starter option is free but you're still responsible for paying the state fees – normally $50 for standard processing or $85 for the expedited version. The Starter package also includes professional preparation of all your organizational documents and you can also get registered agent services for free for the first year.


The Essentials package (available for $147) adds more services including the acquisition of a Federal tax EIN and all of the documentation needed to set up a business bank account. If you choose this option, you also benefit from a lifetime compliance guard, ensuring that all your renewals are completed on time, affording an extra layer of protection against fraudulent solicitations. Other Essentials features include a customized operating agreement and bank resolution documents to verify ownership to financial institutions.


The Deluxe package augments these features with fast processing, the filing of annual reports, and tax concierge services. This option costs $249.

A spokesperson says, “BusinessRocket holds your hand throughout the business journey. Our Signature START, GET, GROW, MANAGE philosophy allows us to work with clients no matter what stage their businesses are in.”

For the A to Z of LLCs, work with BusinessRocket!

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