Apolitical Kindergarten SEL Helps Kids Build Character & Resilience For Success

Nov 8, 2022

A new evidence-based curriculum is helping kindergartners across the US build character and become successful adults.

Apolitical Kindergarten SEL Helps Kids Build Character & Resilience For Success

There’s no denying that SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) is crucial for our kids - but how do we make sure it teaches them the right values?

Hope Rising has created a family values-based curriculum to help the youngest learners build their character and develop essential social skills - all without any political interference.

The resource is a versatile SEL option for educators interested in promoting optimal psycho-social skill development in children aged 3-6. Using research-based activities and materials, the curriculum is designed to offer tangible benefits across a series of essential development factors, from self-discipline to resilience, character, and communication.

At the core of the curriculum is encouraging hope - an often overlooked psychological factor that has a powerful impact on overall wellbeing and healthy childhood development.

“Children who have hope are more capable of self-regulating their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors,” explains Hope Rising. “Hope allows them to flourish in their overall well-being.”

The Hope Rising curricula are based on the “My Best Me” approach. An innovative apolitical take on SEL, “My Best Me” integrates intra-personal and inter-personal development in a system of five core competencies designed to enhance the students’ cognitive and emotional development.

The kindergarten curriculum features weekly modules that can be covered in less than 45 minutes per week, in either single lessons or as multiple shorter activities. The non-sequential material makes it easy for the teachers to integrate SEL topics into other learning sessions, helping children apply their new skills immediately.

A free sample lesson can be requested at https://info.hoperisingsel.com/social-emotional-learning-sample

About Hope Rising

An educational organization dedicated to the development of apolitical SEL resources for K-12 students and educators, Hope Rising is on a mission to prepare today’s children to become tomorrow’s active, productive, and happy adults.

Its SEL resources are evidence-based and have been shown to improve a variety of educational outcomes, from increased academic test scores to reduced absenteeism and lower drop-out rates.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our efforts stem from a calling to support educators as they provide K-12 students the psycho-social skills for adaptive and positive behavior, enabling them to effectively deal with the challenges of everyday life. This prepares our students to become healthy and productive citizens, prospering mentally, physically, socially, and financially.”

Help your kindergartners set the right foundations for optimal socio-emotional development with the new Hope Rising kindergarten curriculum!

Go to https://hoperisingsel.com to get started!

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